Bluff Creek Stables

Categories: Attractions,Parks & Recreation

Address: 82 Bluff Creek Drive, Midway, GA 31320
Phone: (912) 884-9462

Bluff Creek Stables training facility and riding academy offers quality service for discerning horse owners and riders. Whether training for show horses in all disciplines, beginning to advanced riding lessons or just recreational riding, we can help you find the right horse for your needs and skill level and pair you for success in the show ring or recreational riding. However, you do not have to own your own horse to participate. Bluff Creek Stables has a fast growing academy program for both adults and children. Instructions are given by our full time riding instructor, Deanna Edgy, in basic riding skills, grooming, safety and care of the horse. Advanced riding lessons and specialized disciplines in riding are offered for those interested in competition in the show ring.

-Information and photos courtesy of Bluff Creek Stables