Three Trails to Explore in Liberty County

Fort Morris State Historic Site Fort Morris is hosting a special event for National Trails Day, with guided walks about the old fort with a grand vista of the Medway River, salt marsh and St. Catherine’s Sound. The view has changed very little in hundreds of years.  $3 -$4.50 912-884-5999. Fort Morris was built to…

I Was A Tour Guide For My Parents

This September, I’ll have lived in Liberty County for 5 years. My parents, who live in South Carolina, have visited numerous times, but we rarely have the opportunity to go anywhere because their time here is so limited. Recently, my parents came here to help take care of my kids while I was out of…

Filmed in Liberty County

We’re putting you behind the scenes, so to speak, as we re-post Instagram photos from actors, films and TV shows that have filmed in Liberty County. Ben Affleck’s film, “Live by Night” shot the first and last scenes of the movie on Hampton Island in Riceboro. The independent film, “Ben and Ara” filmed on Hampton…

Calendar of Events-May 2016

        May Table Tent 2016

Calendar of Events-April 2016

        April Table Tent 2016