Geechee Kunda Cultural Center

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Address: 622 Ways Temple Road, Riceboro, GA 31323
Phone: (912) 884-4440

Geechee Kunda is a living history museum that represents the vanishing Geechee culture. Preserving customs brought to America from the Africa’s, the goal is to educate visitors while also entertaining them. Geeche Kunda hosts numerous community events throughout the year celebrating the African and Geechee cultures.

Photo by Tammy Lee Bradley of Visit the South

In addition to permanent and rotating exhibits, Geechee Kunda hosts a year-round program of activities including classes, workshops, demonstrations, and lectures covering a broad spectrum of traditional and innovative subjects. All are welcome to explore various aspects of continental and diaspora African culture that they are interested in.

Geechee Kunda houses artifacts from Africa and this area, some dating back to the 1700s. Including authentic slavery artifacts, Geechee relics and Jim Crow memorabilia.

Photo by Tammy Lee Bradley of Visit the South

-Information courtesy of Geechee Kunda Cultural Center