Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission

The Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission was created in late 2004 by local ordinances adopted by each local government in Liberty County. The Ordinances dissolved the Hinesville Planning and Zoning Board and the Joint Planning Commission that functioned for the County and the municipalities other than Hinesville. It established January 1, 2005 as the official beginning for the Consolidated Planning Commission, and provided a transition period for the phase-out of the two existing planning agencies. Each local government also signed an inter-local agreement that details the operations and funding for the new consolidated agency.

Our Goals, Objectives, & Policies

  • Develop and maintain a holistic, unified comprehensive plan for all of our communities that reflects the vision of the majority of our citizens that is adopted by all local governments in Liberty County, pursuant to the Georgia Service Delivery Strategy Law, O.C.G.A. § 36-70-1 et seq. (the Service Delivery Law”).
  • Prepare an integrated land use plan for the future of our communities
  • Document our existing land uses, including affordable housing
  • Determine where growth can be realistically and efficiently accommodated and identify the needs for affordable housing
  • Solicit community input and develop our vision for growth
  • Conduct careful and comprehensive surveys and studies of existing conditions and probable future developments and prepare and recommend to the participating local governments such plans for the physical, social and economic growth as will best promote the public health, safety, morals, convenience, prosperity, and/or general welfare, including efficiency and economy in the development of its jurisdiction.
  • Forecast growth in population, dwelling units and employment
  • Allocate anticipated growth to sub-areas within the county
  • Prepare a future land use map that indicates our desired growth and development patterns

The Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission consists of nine Planning Commissioners appointed by the local governing authorities for a three year term. There is a ten person staff supporting all local governments.

To contact the Planning Commissioners please call 912-408-2030 or click : here to email us.