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Visit Geechee Kunda & experience the Gullah Geechee

Liberty County is not your average place to live. Even longtime residents do not always realize how culturally rich this county is. There are numerous sites to be visited and plenty of stories to be heard. Behind every corner awaits a new and astonishing historical fact. One of the more unknown places is the Geechee…

The Gathering at Geechee Kunda

The Gathering at Geechee Kunda: An Ancestral Memoriam Saturday, April 15th 11am-5pm at Geechee Kunda, 622 Ways Temple Road in Riceboro For more information please call (912)884-4440 or visit

From Kemet to Geechee Kunda

From Kemet to Geechee Kunda: A Symposium on African Spirituality Journey into a Rediscovery of the Vast and Universal ideas of African Spiritual Heritage and its application for today! For Additional Info (912) 884-4440 – (912) 220-5966 – (573) 855-4248