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Nature lovers bucket list for Liberty County

Spring is in full swing and we are loving it! We’re just as happy as can be to soak up a little sunshine and feel the grass under our feet. The temperatures are perfect, the flowers are in full bloom (and if the weather could make up its mind they might stay that way!) and…

Dunham Farms Discovery Paddle

9:30 a.m. – noon  Nature has given us a fabulous giant tide for our Discovery paddle into the nooks and mysterious Crannies of the Georgia marsh and rivers.  We’ll explore hammocks and history and learn how rum runners used this landscape in the Roaring 20s.  Tour Ft. Morris before sharing wine ($7 by the glass)…

Winter Woods Event at Dunham Farms

Relax after the madness of St. Patrick’s Day with our last day of winter woods events. We’ll walk to gorgeous, mysterious woodland places skirting the marshes and rivers and stop for a picnic that Dunham Farms provides. It is a special springtime moment. $20 per person.