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9 Picturesque Points to Take a Photo in Liberty County

What’s better than springtime in coastal Georgia? The birds are out, the temperatures are still mild, a nice breeze sweeps along the waterways and the flowers are blooming everywhere. Take your allergy medicine (the pollen around here can be the devil) and then head outside for some beautiful spring weather, unbeatable views and picturesque spots to take a photo.

1. Midway Museum-Just outside of the Midway Museum, there’s a small garden with a brick path, groomed hedges and blooming azalea bushes during this time of year on the side. Pictures aren’t allowed inside the museum, but don’t let that stop you from taking a tour, then walking outside to capture some lovely photos.

At the Midway Museum-Photo by Tammy Lee Bradley

2. Yeomans Bird Pond-A quiet place to sit and watch for birds, maybe take a selfie or two and ponder nature’s beauty.

A Great Egret at Yeomans Bird Pond-Photo by John Henderson


3. Sunbury-Photos of the coast never get old and there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the attractive scenery. The dock at Sunbury Crab Co. or the Sunbury boat ramp both offer exceptional views of the water and the perfect backdrop for a selfie.

Sunbury-Photo by Joanna Ng

4. Historic Baptismal Trail-This tranquil and serene spot photographs beautifully, with the dark water contrasting against the vibrant green trees. The dirt path down to the baptismal pool renders its own distinctive photos, making everything look tiny compared to the towering pine trees.

Historic Baptismal Trail-Photo by Ralph Daniel

5. Fort Morris State Historic Site-A beautiful vista of St Catherines Island can be seen from Fort Morris, a view that hasn’t changed in several hundred years. Photos captured here are virtually the same as they would have been if photography had been around in the 1700’s.

Fort Morris State Historic Site-Photo by Tammy Lee Bradley

6. Bryant Commons-This peaceful park has plenty of trees and grassy fields, and a pond, along with shady areas and sunny patches where you can test your photography skills and play with shadows and  light.

Bryant Commons-Photo by Amanda Scott

7. Jones Creek-Take some photos on the shore or if you’ve got a kayak or boat, hop in and bring your camera with you for some pretty water pics.

A drone’s view of Jones Creek-Photo by Leah Poole

8. Yellow Bluff-A favorite among some of our local photographers, this spot hosts gorgeous sunrises and spectacular sunsets throughout the seasons.

At Yellow Bluff-Photo by John Henderson

9. Cay Creek Road-No, I’m not telling you do anything dangerous but if you have an affinity for dirt roads like we do, you might at least slow down or let someone else do the driving and pause for a moment to snap a pic. Remember safety first! But dirt roads weren’t meant for driving fast anyway.

Cay Creek Road in Riceboro-Photo by Waylon McKinnon

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take good-looking photos in Liberty County! Let the natural beauty do the work and relish leaving the filter off for these scenic pics.

-Amanda Scott-Program Manager for the Liberty County CVB

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