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3 Small but Important Things for Teens to Practice Better Business Etiquette

In this day and age most teens do not know much about proper business etiquette. For this week’s blog, we are going to cover 3 small but important things for current and upcoming teenagers to improve their current business etiquette.

1. Appropriate Business Attire

Most jobs have certain policies and restrictions regarding clothing. Said restrictions and policies might be not to wear jeans at work, not to wear a specific colored shirt or to wear the given uniform. It is important to follow them when employed. Not only is following the rules regarding clothing important, it also makes you presentable and is key to acquiring and keeping a job as well.

For example, say you work at a place like the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce, and they say that you can wear whatever you want as long as it is business casual and it is not related to violence, drugs, and/ or anything inappropriate for a place of employment. After hearing these rules and filling an application, you get the job. On your first day of work, you show up in a plain t-shirt and basketball shorts. Anybody can tell you immediately you will more than likely receive a warning or be sent home that day because you did not follow the workplace rules. Even though there was nothing inappropriate, you still showed up in something nowhere near business casual and did not follow the rule. Now you won’t get pay for that day. Dressing appropriately is an important part of practicing proper business etiquette.

2. Customer Service

When working, no matter what job, you always want to be kind to your customers and anyone else around you. Not only will this build a relationship with current on-going customers and your peers, but it will also potentially keep said customers wanting to return due to the kindness of you and/or your company. You represent your company; therefore, if you are kind to someone as a representative, they will think of you and your company as kind unless something alters that thought.

A good example of healthy customer service in a modern day business is Chick-fil-a. Chick-fil-a has amazing customer service, with that being one of their top priorities. They train their workers to always be kind and say the signature “my pleasure,” which along with the good food, helps keep people returning. For a Chick-fil-a employee being kind is a major part of the job and without it they may not be there very long. So customer service not only goes a long way, but it also leads right back to you.

3. Professional Demeanor and Hygiene 

  • Demeanor is something most of us teenagers consistently struggle with. This is because we do things such as rolling our eyes at others, looking at others weirdly, folding our arms at others, having a bad attitude, etc. When doing these things to your parents especially, it is not right, which also means when doing this to a customer or peer, it is not right either. Even though it may be hard to have a good overall demeanor somedays, it is key to keeping your job and also generating money for yourself. Some are paid by percentages off what they sell. So, if you have a negative demeanor towards someone purchasing something, they will more than likely not return; therefore, you lose money. Some ways to improve your demeanor are simple things such as getting a good night’s sleep or having a full breakfast. If you feel anger, pain, sadness, tiredness, etc, you will more than likely display that same feeling towards others and deter them away.
  • Hygiene is a very important thing in keeping your job. If you walk into work with a bad body odor, you are potentially putting the business you work for at risk for loss of employees and customers. Some very simple ways to help deal with body odor is showering, deodorant, brushing your teeth and just taking care of your body.

All of the topics discussed above are very important in remaining at a place of employment. Try and take advantage of the knowledge provided for you and get out there and make some money!


Guest blogger Gabe Alvarado

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