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9 things only kids from the South would know

We Southerners have been ribbed for years for being slow to change or backwards. In some cases though we don’t mind being slower than our northern counterparts. It seems the entire world has jumped on the technological band wagon and every child known to man has a tablet, cellphone or computer. Here in the South, though, we can still appreciate the simple things in life like our children playing outside. When you have a yard full of Live Oaks to climb or a creek full of crawdads to catch – that tablet starts to seem less and less exciting.  Meeting up with your friends and riding your bikes down old dirt roads is a priceless past time every kid loves, just make sure your home before the street lights come on!

In today’s world, there are some things only kids raised in the South would know!

Photo by Kari Coons

1. There is no better way to spend the evening than on the front porch with a coke, some boiled peanuts and your best buds.

2.Word travels fast in a small town. If you think for one minute that your Mama won’t find out you skipped class today or smarted off to someone, think again. I bet she’s waiting for you in the kitchen when you come home!

3.Playing outside does require a particular skill set most out-of-towners don’t posses: dealing with the critters that come with the territory. Every kid in the south knows “Red on black a friend to Jack, red on yellow will kill a fellow.” Snakes are all too common down here and a kid has got to be prepared. My 3-year-old Jake, a self-proclaimed critter catcher, is well trained to check for snakes before he sticks his hand down a log for his catch. No one is too worried though, we all know the real killer out there is the South’s most common bird: the mosquito.

4.Family reunions are something you look forward to every year. You will gladly take the head patting, and the cheek pinching as long as it means you’re first in the food line.

5.Speaking of food, a 9×13 Pyrex dish full of your Mama’s best casserole is better than any restaurant meal you’ve ever had.

6.It’s of utmost importance to behave at church on Sundays. The desire to gossip with your pals can usually be curbed by the look your mama gives you from three rows up. If it that won’t keep your lips zipped, the threat of missing Sunday dinner (and your Granny’s banana pudding) will!

7.Being polite is just as important as doing your chores or washing behind your ears. It doesn’t matter if you’re with your mama or not, someone is always listening to make sure you don’t forget how you were raised. I will never forget the phrase my mother would say every time I spent the night away from home “Don’t forget: ‘Yes Ma’am, No Ma’am, Please and Thank you.” It was her nice way of saying “Mind your manners or I’ll blister your behind.” Which brings me to my next point.

8.Kids down in the south would do anything, and I mean anything, to avoid hearing the words “Go get me a switch.” In the event you do receive that order, you better go pick the right switch. Careful now, don’t get one too big, or too little. Not too green or too dried up. You better find the right switch or your momma or daddy will show you- and boy that is even worse.

9.The day is best ended when you lay in the grass and look at the sky until the clouds turn to stars and the lightning bugs come out.


-Erin Johnson, Creative & Content Manager  for the Liberty County CVB

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