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5 Favorite Thanksgiving Weekend Things

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I plan on spending some quality time with my family during the break. We’re not traveling this year (thank goodness) so there’s no stress about packing or traffic. I’m looking forward to a relaxing holiday weekend filled with activities on a slow-paced schedule. Here’s my list of favorite things to do during this wonderful extended weekend!

1. The turkey-I like cooking the turkey. In fact, I pretty much insist on cooking the turkey. I consider roasting a turkey like an Olympic sport of cuisine. Roasting a turkey to perfection takes time, but it’s so worth it! Along with your turkey, you also need excellent gravy. Jarred gravy simply won’t do. I make a rue, add the pan drippings and a little more broth, and voila! Then it’s time to enjoy a turkey feast!
Christmas dishes2. Setting up the Christmas decorations-I refuse to put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving is officially over. This is not an area where I like to multitask. I like celebrating one holiday at a time. However, due to my procrastinating nature, if I don’t get the decorations up the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving, they might not go up until one week before Christmas. (YIKES) So, I look at Thanksgiving weekend as a motivator to get my decorations up. I also get to bring out my grandmother’s Christmas dishes to use for the rest of the season. And those bring me very fond memories.
3. Sleeping in-I love my job but I’m not going to pretend I don’t also love a day off from work. I adore sleep. Now I don’t really like going to bed, (I’m a night owl) but I love sleep. Naps also happen during the weekend. Am I sleeping my life away? No! Sleep is beautiful, especially when the rest of the family is sleeping too and there are no interruptions.
4. Watching Christmas movies with the family-Thanksgiving weekend is filled with Christmas movie marathons. (I’m looking at you, “Harry Potter”) We camp out on the couch with blankets and bowls of popcorn. Chocolate doesn’t hurt either. Besides the movies on TV, we’ve got some Christmas classics on DVD like Rudolph and Charlie Brown Christmas. Family bonding time for us is enjoying a good movie in the comfort of our own Christmas movieshome.
5. Holiday baking-This is one of my most favorite things. Who doesn’t love smelling fresh bread or cookies in the house? I’ve got plenty of recipes that are standbys, but I have my eye on a few new treats I’d like to try this year. My little ones always enjoy helping and my Kitchen Aid mixer fascinates them. It’s also one of the only times they don’t mind washing their hands. Now I just need to teach them to clean up the mess from all the baking!

I hope you all have a joyous Thanksgiving weekend, filled with delicious food, the good company of your loved ones, rest and fun. I plan to maximize on each of my favorite Thanksgiving weekend things!


-Amanda Scott, Program Manager for the Liberty County CVB

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