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5 Reasons to Choose Museums Over Movies

Have you ever watched a movie and wished you could go to the place shown in the film? Have you ever wanted to know a little more after the movie ended? Well, imagine having a place where you can physically see artifacts, hear the stories and enjoy the surroundings that you may not see on the big screen. In Liberty County choosing museums over movies takes you back in time with the colonial history of the Midway Museum, into the community of the Gullah Geechee and into the lives of present-day artisans. Here are 5 Reasons to Choose Museums Over Movies in Liberty County.

Learn Local History

When you experience a county that has been around since the 18th century, you’re bound to come across plenty of fascinating historical finds. The Midway Museum and Dorchester Academy Museum are both examples of sites dedicated to preserving the rich history of Liberty County.

These sites hold information about the early settlement of Liberty County and the influences of prominent African American figures that left a lasting impact on our history. If you’re looking for a deeper dive into the colonial period of Liberty County, then the Midway Museum is where to go! If you’re looking to walk the same halls as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself and see where he planned part of the historic Birmingham March, then Dorchester Academy should definitely be added to your list.

For more information :
Midway Museum: Click Here
Dorchester Academy: Click Here



See One-of-a-Kind Art

We know movies are often a work of art too, but we argue that art museums can be just as exciting as catching the latest flick. Liberty County is fortunate to have a community of talented, creative artists that are eager to show you their work. On a rainy day, you can visit The Hinesville Area Arts Council to view local masterpieces and visit Martin Mercantile full of locally hand-crafted items. You can also view art from the Gullah Geechee in Riceboro. Geechee Kunda is a living museum filled with African art, textiles, paintings, tools and craftwork used or made by the Gullah Geechee from the 1700s to the 1900s. Immerse yourself in the Liberty County art scene!

For more information:
Geechee Kunda Link: Click Here
HAAC Link: Click Here

Enjoy Interactive Activities

Looking for more hands-on activities for the kids? Look no further. The Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association Museum (ITPA) is a great place for children and adults alike to see how the telephone evolved since its origination. The collection of artifacts has several hands-on displays that are sure to take you back in time.

We also have the 3rd Infantry Museum located on Ft. Stewart. Which includes an interactive gallery featuring the origins of Camp Stewart with its progression to Fort Stewart, a gallery presenting the history of the 3rd Infantry Division and portraits highlighting unit histories. It’s fun and educational for the entire family.

More information:
ITPA Museum Link: Click Here
3rd Infantry Museum Link: Click Here 

Get to Know Local Stories

History is more than just artifacts it’s about preserving stories of pivotal figures who made a difference in our world. Learn about the life of students attending one of the only schools for freed slaves in the country at Dorchester Academy. Listen to the stories about a group of Puritan descendants traveling to Midway in 1754 at the Midway Museum. Immerse yourself in at the Geechee Kunda Center in Riceboro and learn why the preservation of the Geechee culture is so important.

Walk or Drive Through History

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s always a new adventure around the corner in Liberty County. Sit comfortably in your car as you take in the city of Flemington. The Flemington Driving Tour is self-guided and takes you to 12 different historic locations to showcase the incredible architecture of times past. Whether you are walking or driving, be sure to stop and take in the historic wonders of Liberty County.

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