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5 Stops on the Liberty County Azalea Trail

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Photo by Debbie Brown at Cherokee Rose Country Club in Hinesville

The beautiful blooms of spring have certainly sprung in Liberty County in a big way! We know that the allergy sufferers are suffering, but we must say that all of the flowers make our hearts lighter & put a pep in our steps! Most recently we have seen loads of yellow jasmine, dogwoods, wisteria and of course azaleas! Called the “number one must-have plant in the South” by Southern Living, we certainly have lots of this evergreen shrub sprinkled around the county. What we may not realize when we’re looking at these lovely flowering shrubs though is that some could be Rhododendrons, which is another southern staple. They are both from the same genus (Rhododendron) but the rhododendron typically has much larger leaves and their flowers are bell shaped with 10 or more stamens while azaleas are typically funnel shaped with 5 stamens. I know right, that’s a lot of technicalities, so let’s just say azaleas for the purpose of this list. We thought we would give you 5 places you can go stop and smell the uh…..azaleas. Take a Sunday drive & enjoy the scenery!

  1. The Bacon Fraser House! We have tons of flowers right now, none more so than azaleas. We have pink, white, magenta, orange-ish and even some striped white & pink ones! Oh and we have miniature azaleas! And now that I know the difference we do have rhododendrons as well! We are open Monday-Friday 830am-5pm be sure to stop by and see our blooms
  2. Cherokee Rose Country Club. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Hinesville and as such it has some very established and beautiful azaleas. Be sure not to trespass on private property, these are people’s homes, but there are certainly some beautiful bushes throughout the sprawling neighborhood to see.
  3. Fraser Acres. Ok this is local terminology for the neighborhoods located on Fraser Street and Fraser Drive and even deeper into some of the newer parts of Eagle’s Crest in Hinesville (take the red light across from McDonald’s on Hwy 84 straight across). This is another one of the old Hinesville neighborhoods and it has some beautiful azaleas that are currently blooming. Remember here as well, no trespassing, just window shopping!
  4. If you’re willing to make the trek to Midway, the Isle of Wight has tons of houses with azaleas blooming vividly every few feet. This little oasis in the middle of Midway is right on the water and there’s actually a Liberty County Rec Department Park, Jones Creek Park, where you can stop & rest a while, let the kiddos play & gaze at the water. Again, if you’re looking at the flowers in people’s yards, no trespassing, looking only.
  5. If you can go a little further, Sunbury is filled with all types of flowers blooming. The Villages at Sunbury, located off Fort Morris Road, have some really cool coastal style houses with lots of azaleas. This is another look, don’t touch site, but maybe you can stop off at Fort Morris on your way there or back & check out their flowers & catch a gander at the intracoastal waterway and St. Catherines Sound.

Azalea blooms at the historic Bacon Fraser House in downtown Hinesville

Something else we learned in researching for this blog is that Encore azaleas are crossbreeds of spring blooming azaleas and summer blooming rhododendrons so if you have azaleas that bloom spring, summer & fall they are more than likely of this variety! And finally something that aptly fit our community is that in the Chinese culture the azalea is known as the “thinking of home bush” so now we know why there are so many in Liberty County because there is certainly no place like home!

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-Leah Poole, CEO for the Liberty County CVB and the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce

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