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5 Things I Love About Cold Weather

office-air-conditioning-summer-fall-cold-funny-ecard-zksFall officially began on September 22nd, but you may have noticed that the temperature is still quite warm down here, and you may also be aware that the mosquitoes are in full force. It’s kind of like summer is still with us. I’m not much of a summer person. I like the concept of the “lazy days of summer” but the heat, the bugs and the humidity are things I can do without. I’m not sure when fall or winter will actually arrive in Liberty County. We may skip it this year. Perhaps we’ll have a cold snap for about two weeks in January. And by cold snap, I mean the temperature will plummet to a frosty 50 degrees Fahrenheit. (Trust me, I have co-workers who think this is frigid.) I was born and raised in the south about 300 miles north of here. Those 300 miles can make a serious difference when it comes to the leaves changing color or being able to see your breath in the air at night or in the early morning. Still, living in coastal Georgia, it’s nice to not need a heavy coat or to have to scrape frost off your windshield in the mornings. I know the cold will get here eventually. Here’s what I’m looking forward to when it arrives:

1. Wearing my sweaters and scarves-I love sweater/sweatshirt weather. I feel all cozy and scarves make me feel like I have some flair to my wardrobe. My sweaters are just waiting to be pulled out of their drawers, and I haven’t touched a scarf since February. I’m sure they’re ready to make an appearance again. Also, this will save me from the dysphoria I always have this time of year, when the warm weather doesn’t match up with the date. See, I want to wear the sweaters and the scarves, but I know if I do, I’ll end up sweating profusely. It’s all very confusing.
2. Making all the comfort food-I love to make and eat chicken noodle soup, chili, chicken potpie, or any kind of pumpkin spiced breads, cakes or pies, or really anything involving carbs. There’s no rule that you can’t make these during other times of the year, but these hearty dishes are just simply made for cooler weather. This is my favorite time of year to be in the kitchen!
3. Blankets from the dryer-is there anything better than slipping into bed under some toasty blankets? I know that according to some science stuff I read, you’re supposed to sleep in a cool room. That’s all fine and dandy, but I just want to be warm. This is the same reason why blow-drying my hair is much better in winter. It’s a great way to warm up! When I get cold, it’s usually at night when I’m very still, but my remedy is popping my fluffy comforter in the dryer for a few minutes then bundling up in it to go to sleep.
4. One-hour of extra sleep when daylight saving time ends-I know this has nothing to do with the cold, but since it’s supposed to be cold when the time changes, I’m including it. Besides, an extra hour of sleep is magical! Really! This is as close to time travel/wizardry as it gets! I always feel refreshed the weekend after daylight saving time comes to an end. It’s amazing what an extra 60 minutes of sleep can do.
5. Death to the mosquitoes-I’m a mosquito attractor. They bite other people too, of course but if you’re going to be outside with me, keep away during mosquito season, because you’ll be enveloped in a swarm of these nasty things since they come right to me. I’m usually the main course, but you might be dessert. Right now, we’re experiencing huge, horrendous mosquitoes, thanks to Hurricane Matthew. I need a cold snap to happen so that these pests will die the death they deserve.

So that’s my list! I’m ready to feel the cool breezes when I walk outside and be able to turn off my air conditioner for the first time in 8 months. A few weeks ago, I felt coolness in the air, and it was glorious. I can’t wait for that feeling to last for a little while. One other good thing about winter here is I can still wear my flip-flops. (I’m a flip-flop lover, by the way) Sweaters and scarves and flip-flops; who could ask for a better combination? Here’s to the cold weather in coastal Georgia!

-Amanda Scott, Program Manager for the Liberty County CVB

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