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5 Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

Summer vacation in Liberty County may be winding down for students, but summer temperatures are still in full effect. Anyone who has been outside lately knows the combination of high heat and even higher humidity is enough to drive many back indoors. That said, we can’t avoid leaving our homes. It’s hot, but the world continues to turn, and the show must go on. Besides, there are just too many amazing events and beautiful places to go. We’d hate to see any of you miss out just because of a little heat. To help those who may not already know how to beat the heat, we’ve collected some of our favorite ways to survive the sweltering Georgia landscape. Master these, and you can get back to enjoying what’s left of this beautiful summer.

  1. Always have a cool drink, preferably sweet tea. Good southerners know that a glass of sweet tea is the most refreshing thing you can drink on a hot summer day. You can add as much, or as little, sugar as you like, but however you drink it, you can’t deny it’s almost magical ability to cool you off. For our adventurous readers, you can even add a splash of bourbon or some freshly sliced peaches. If this isn’t your “cup of tea,” you can always make yourself a summer cocktail instead. You can join us on Facebook August 17th for our Facebook live episode of Southern Cooks for some great cocktail recipes!

Photo by Billy Harrell

  1. Find yourself some water! While you should definitely drink water and stay hydrated, that’s not what we’re suggesting here. Go out and enjoy somewhere like St. Catherines, one of Georgia’s beautiful barrier islands conveniently located in Liberty County. While you do have to take a boat out to the island, once you’re there you can enjoy the beach. Be sure to take your bathing suit with you, and don’t forget a cooler for all that water and sweet tea you’ll need to stay hydrated!

Photo by Katrina Barrow

  1. Find a place to relax. If you’re going to be outside for a while, find a place you can unwind and just enjoy the summer day. If you don’t have somewhere, we have an amazing porch swing here at the historic Bacon Fraser house, and you’re always welcome to come by for a visit! We love to sit out on our front porch, and we’d definitely enjoy the chance to chat with you about what else you can do in our fantastic county.

  1. Find some shade! We have some gorgeous Live Oak trees in this area, and any of them will provide you with a nice shady spot to sit. Even if shade is scarce, you can wait a bit and head out around sunset. If you have yet to see one of our gorgeous sunsets, you are really missing something special. Any of the docks on the east end of the county will offer an amazing view, and those of you in town can enjoy a sunset over the water at Bryant Commons. It’s not on the coast, but the sunset over the 15-acre pond is stunning too. Plus, once the sun goes down, you’ll have an incredible view of the stars overhead.

  1. Make a fresh summer dish. We have great farmers markets in both Hinesville and Riceboro, so it’s easy to find locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables this time of year. Cut up your favorites and make a summer salad. You can use fruits or vegetables, and you can mix and match however you’d like. You can also make yourself a cool fruit-based dessert. Whatever you choose, let it sit in the refrigerator until it’s as cool as possible. Then take it outside, along with a glass of one of the drinks suggested above and have a summer picnic.


We know the heat can be rough, but there is a lot to do before summer ends. For some ideas, check out last week’s blog, 5 Things to Do Before Summer Ends. Now that you’re an expert on how to beat the summer heat, you can head out and get started on our list! We have more suggestions on our website, and we can also help you create your own must-do list if you’d like to stop by or give us a call.


Whatever you choose to do, get outside and #exploreliberty!


-Meagan Upole, Creative & Content Coordinator for the Liberty County CVB

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