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5 Ways to Feel Connected Instead of Isolated

Liberty County is known for its southern charm, welcoming locals, diverse restaurants and rich history. While in Liberty County, we want you to experience all we have to offer. But that can be hard with COVID-19 keeping everyone apart. Feeling connected can be challenging but don’t fret; we have a list of 5 ways you can feel connected instead of isolated while in Liberty County.

Support Local Restaurants

Liberty County is a perfect place for diversifying your taste buds and learning about the many cultures that call this slice of coastal paradise home. We have restaurants with dine in, curbside pickup and delivery options to cater to every need. Enjoy nachos and margaritas while you dine in at Rodeo Mexican Restaurant, get an order of oxtails with rice and peas from Negril Caribbean for curbside pickup or kick up your feet and have Tazza Kabob Grillhouse bring their signature steak fries to your front door.

Get Outside

Social distancing and fun might be hard for some to put in the same sentence but not in Liberty County. Embrace nature and head outside to explore the great outdoors! Take a quiet walk around the pond at Bryant Commons Park in the center of Hinesville or gather your family and head down to the Sunbury Crab Co. to rent a kayak for a coastal waterway adventure. The opportunities to explore are endless and discoveries are down every dirt road.

Visit a local Museum

Our museums are open with COVID-19 precautions in place. You can still visit the Midway Museum and Dorchester Academy Museum while wearing a mask and social distancing. Sanitizing stations have been placed at all of our sites to ensure a clean and germ-free visit. All museums are limiting the sizes of tour groups and reservations are recommended.

Share your favorite #ExploreLiberty moment

While exploring Liberty County, there are many shareable/Instagram worthy opportunities to capture. Snap a picture while exploring the Historic Baptismal Trail in Riceboro or take a selfie while viewing the camellias at the Bacon Fraser House. You’ll have your followers raving about the photos taken while you #ExploreLiberty.

Call friends and family

Experiencing time with friends and family has been challenging these past ten months. The people we usually see at family gatherings or school functions seem even further away now than any time before. It’s essential to stay connected with them through phone calls, video chats and texting. As we follow social distancing guidelines and consider all other precautions, it is important to remember there are still ways to stay connected instead of isolated.

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In Liberty County, we like to say we have The Right Blend for everyone. Whether you’re visiting us for a weekend, looking to plant some roots, or working on your business dream, Liberty welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

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