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6 Jaw-Dropping Liberty County Locations Perfect for Your Insta Feed

We all love Instagram, especially sharing our love for artsy photos and the perfect poses! Whether you like scenic shots or you’re always ready for a #selfie, we have 6 incredible spots in Liberty County that will have you getting insta-famous fast!

Photo courtesy of Waylon McKinnon

Find a Dirt Road
It’s really not hard. Dirt roads are still in abundance in our county. Places like Barrington Ferry, Old Sunbury Road, Cay Creek and more. All make amazing spots for photos. Whether it’s one of the beautiful tree canopy, the sun setting across a field, wildlife crossing your path or your foot prints in the sand, we’ll guarantee some insta-success!

Photo courtesy of Leah Poole

The Bacon Fraser House
Yes, there are “private property” signs, these are for your protection in case we’re not open (we observe actual business hours) and you wanna traipse across the property. Just to keep us all safe, we would rather be around while you’re taking your Southern Belle selfie, but do we have to be there, heck no! The plantation plain style architecture, sweeping Live Oaks draped in moss and green grass make for some impressive photos.

Photo courtesy of Camera Koala

Sunrise/Sunset on the Coast
Cause who doesn’t love a good scenic shot, especially if that #instasun moment is on the Georgia coast?! Head down to Jones Creek Park on Isle of Wight Road in Midway for a gorgeous sunrise right over the water or Eve Park in Sunbury for a gorgeous sunset! Both of the public docks in Riceboro and Sunbury also have great sun/water views! All 4 are open to the public and run by the Liberty County Rec Dept.

Photo courtesy of Joanna Ng Photography

Downtown Hinesville
Some of our favorite photographers, Joanna Ng and Katrina Barrow have taken some #droolworthy photos in the last year in downtown Hinesville. A burgeoning scene to be sure, it has come a long way in recent years. These fabulous photogs, however, shoot next to vintage cars, ivy covered walls and basically anywhere an artistic eye can find, makes you think about things you pass by every day in a #creative light!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Jones

Look Up!
Believe it or not Liberty County is a bird lover’s paradise! Part of the Colonial Coast Birding Trail we have so many species it’s hard to keep up. Hummingbirds, egrets, buntings, Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, the Roseate Spoonbill and on and on. You might need something more than a cell phone to capture these beauties, but a regular camera is well worth the effort.

Photo courtesy of the Historical Belle

Historical Gems
Liberty County is chock-full of history and features a wide variety of buildings to go along with it. You’ll find historical buildings all over our county from the Midway Congressional Church to the Old Jail in downtown Hinesville. Whether you’re a fan of architecture or a fan of history, you are sure to take some incredible snapshots!!

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