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6 Things You’ll Find Only in Liberty County

Liberty County is known for our melting pot community, Fort Stewart and being on the coast. What is not as well known are the unique things that you might have to live here to know. Here are 6 things you’ll find only in Liberty County.

1. Martin Mercantile

This handmade marketplace features the best in local crafts that are handmade in Liberty County and not far beyond. Martin Mercantile offers a quaint and unique shopping experience for anyone who visits. When you walk in you’ll see an array of one-of-a-kind handmade art, jewelry, soaps, books, sweets and much more. If you’re visiting and want a piece of Liberty County, we suggest stopping in at Martin Mercantile.



2. Tree Spirits

Down a Barrington Ferry Road in Riceboro there are 4 tree spirits (that we know of) that have mysterious faces carved into them. They have been there for years and the fourth one just showed up a few months back. No one knows who carved these faces and no one knows the meaning behind these faces, but they add a little mystery to a backroad we all love to wander down. When you walk up to these faces you can see the amount of detail and precision in each one. Two sit along the right-hand side of the road about 50 yards apart. The third one can be spotted on your way back toward the paved road on the right-hand side. We still haven’t located the fourth one so let us know if you find it!


3. ITPA Museum

The Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association Museum was once located in Washington, D.C. but was relocated to the City of Hinesville in 2001. The museum occupies the former family home of Senator Glenn E. Bryant & his wife Trudie Bryant. Mr. Bryant founded Coastal Communications and then merged the Hinesville Telephone Company & the Coastal Telephone Company in Richmond Hill together, making Coastal Utilities (which is now CenturyLink). The ITPA Museum displays a vast collection of telephones and telephone equipment from throughout history. The museum is currently closed due to renovations, but there are photos of their collection on their website.



Photo by Tammy Lee Bradley

4. World’s Largest Crayon

Back in 2009, the Guinness Book of World Records certified our record-breaking crayon. Our crayon stands 9 feet, 8 inches with a 15-inch diameter and weighs 605.5 pounds! We named this purplish color ‘Liberty’ on behalf of our beautiful coastal county. Our crayon is currently on display at the Keep Liberty Beautiful building in Midway.









Photo by Waylon McKinnon

5. Old Sunbury Road

Old Sunbury Road is one of the oldest most historic dirt roads in our state. It once connected the Port Town of Sunbury, and its 94 port vessels, to the State capital in Milledgville. If this old road could talk, we would love to hear the stories it would tell. Back to its origins as an Indian trail to its most traveled times connecting Coastal settlers to the inland. The span and the history of this road are as rich as it gets in the USA. Even today flint rock arrowheads and other artifacts can be found on or near this road after a hard rain.


6. Ms. Charm

Mrs. Charm is an active and beloved member in the community. The locals may not know her name but they definitely have seen her around! Her spunky and kind personality makes her memorable & the things she does for the community make her an icon. We have never seen someone so Liberty County proud. She talks to everyone she sees, she never misses the chance to celebrate a silly holiday with the community and she has a vast knowledge of Liberty County. She was even given her own Charm Day by Congressman Buddy Carter in 2012.






Photo provided




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In Liberty County, we like to say we have The Right Blend for everyone. Whether you’re visiting us for a weekend, looking to plant some roots, or working on your business dream, Liberty welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

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