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7 Facts about the Bacon Fraser House

Photo by Katrina Barrow

1. The Bacon Fraser House was built in 1839 and is the only surviving house from Hinesville’s early settlement. The home was originally built on 23 acres, it now sits on 2.6 acres of downtown Hinesville.


2. During the Civil War, General Sherman’s army attempted to burn the home.  Mary Jane Hazzard Bacon saved the house when she used her husband’s Mason apron to prevent them from burning the house. However, the barn and outbuildings were burned by the Union troops.


3. The architecture of the home is ‘plantation plain style’. Plantation Plain simply means a two-story home, one room deep with a gabled main roof and typically has a front porch and rear shed. This type of architecture was common in rural Georgia and the Southeast in the 19th In the Bacon Fraser House, the front and two-story section remains original. The parlor room even has the original paint color!


4. While the front part of the home is original, the living room and beyond was an addition made by Mr. Olen Fraser in the 70s. He did this addition himself where he hand-leveled the floors and did all the beam work.  As a result of Mr. Olen Fraser’s hand leveling, there is a slight shimmy on the floor as you walk through the middle section of the home.


5. The sunroom was originally an open porch. As the Frasers got older and became wheelchair-bound, they enclosed the porch to watch the birds all year long. We keep the birds happy with full feeders hanging in the trees.


6.The landscaping of the property includes live oaks with Spanish moss and sycamore trees. Our beautiful flowering shrubs include azaleas, camellias and tea plants.


7. This served as a home to six generations of the Fraser family. In 1842 Mary William Bacon and Simon Fraser inherited the home & raised their seven children. The remaining surviving siblings of Olin and Peggy Fraser have entrusted the care of the home to the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce & CVB. It now serves as the Welcome Center to those who visit Liberty County.

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