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7 Tips to make your museum trip more interesting

Museums are a step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Spending a few quiet moments gazing at the art and craftwork of artisans, makes you forget about the problems outside. In Liberty County, we pride ourselves on our rich culture and history. The experiences shared can surely inspire viewers to take a step into the past and fill the shoes of those who once lived. But how can someone truly enjoy a day at the museum? Here are 7 tips to make your trip more interesting.


Try to buy tickets ahead of time

No one likes to stand in line waiting to buy tickets. So while planning your trip, call ahead and get more information on how to purchase tickets before you arrive. You can also check the museum’s website to view visiting hours and alternative ticket purchasing options. Because of COVID-19, some museums are by appointment only.

Read about the exhibit before-hand

Before heading out on your venture be sure to read up on a few of the exhibits before you arrive. For example, before you head over to Dorchester Academy read about the role it played during the Civil Rights Movement with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. If you put in a little work before you arrive, there will be more time to fully experience what is being shown.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

This cannot be stressed enough. There is a lot of walking and standing while going through museums. The experience will become uncomfortable if you don’t have on the right shoes. For instance, The Midway Museum gives the opportunity to tour a plantation cottage, cemetery and church. Walking between those locations in uncomfortable shoes takes you out of the moment.

Lose the cellphone

Asking someone to put away their phone for a few hours is like asking to cut off their hand. Phones distract from the overall experience. Phones constantly drag a person into the present, not allowing them to live in the moment. Try taking a notepad and pen to jot down notes and even sketch what you saw.


Indulge in your sense of awe

Take in the sights, sounds, nature and art of every place you visit. Pay close attention to the brush strokes made by a local artist at the Hinesville Area Arts Council, listen to the stories of the Gullah Geechee at Geechee Kunda in Riceboro or play with an old phone at the Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association Museum. The opportunities to enjoy these exhibits are priceless.


The advantage of going alone

Although visiting museums with friends and family are fun, going alone can be just as rewarding. Being alone helps you focus on the exhibit pieces and deepens your sense of understanding. It submerges you further into what’s going on around you. Taking the time and walking around at your own pace is an opportunity for true connection to arise during your visit.


Allow time for reflection

Lastly, whether you are visiting museums alone or with others; take time to reflect on what was viewed. It can be as easy as pointing out an old soldier’s uniform at the 3rd Infantry Museum or talking about the lives of freed slaves at Dorchester Academy. Reflecting on your experiences will solidify your trip and make it easier to speak about what you saw.


These 7 Tips will surely make your trips to the museum more interesting. Click Here to view a list of all the museums and other things to do in Liberty County.





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