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A Fond Farewell to Liberty County

Well, this is it. The last blog post I’ll write for the Liberty County Chamber & CVB, and I hope you’ll forgive me if it’s a bit more personal this time. Finding a balance between sappy and stoic was a daunting task for my last post, but maybe you’ll indulge me as I say goodbye to my co-workers and my home for almost six years.

To offer the most cliché of all goodbye clichés, all good things must come to an end. I’ll admit that when I first found out we were moving here, I didn’t consider it a good thing. Prior to moving here, Liberty County was just a place to visit my in-laws, and I actually didn’t know what county we were in, only that we were in Hinesville. Whenever we visited, we stayed cooped up at their house, not venturing out to anywhere more than the gas station or possibly Walmart before going back home to Charleston. All that changed when we arrived here in the fall of 2011.

From 2009 to 2011, we bounced around the country like a rubber ball, moving from South Carolina to Oklahoma to Pennsylvania and finally landing in Georgia. It wasn’t until I joined the staff of the Chamber a year later, that I realized that there so much more to this community than the Super Walmart, despite the online claims you come across when you Google Hinesville.

It’s no secret that I’ll always be a Carolina girl at heart, but my son was born here, this is the first place that we purchased a home, my daughter began school here, and I worked at the organizations that I consider to be the catalysts for growth in Liberty County. So, I figure that even though this isn’t my forever home, I’ll forever have some Georgia roots.

Above: All dressed up for Halloween in Liberty County.

I’ll miss our house where my kids opened their Christmas presents and celebrated their birthdays. Letting them play in our backyard, shaded by oak trees and Spanish moss. I’ll miss going for Sunday drives out to Colonel’s Island just to get my kids to take a nap and give me a little peace and quiet. I’ll miss hearing the trumpets at Fort Stewart that alert me each day when it’s time to wake up and go to bed. I’ll miss the seafood and the view at Sunbury Crab Co. and my beloved Quesadilla Santa Fe at Rodeo.

Above: Enjoying the swing at the dock at the Sunbury Crab Co.

Through the years, I’ve learned some hard personal lessons, grown professionally and gotten to do a lot of behind-the-scenes work during my time at the Chamber and CVB. I’ve gotten to take part in the Christmas parade, Blues & BBQ and numerous other functions I wouldn’t have had to opportunity to, had it not been for my employment. And FYI, these events require an enormous amount of planning and work. I mean enormous. We haul around all kinds of heavy equipment, craft a lot of the decorations, unload, reload, answer random questions, organize participants, stave off disasters and accept the complaints and compliments with as much grace as we can muster.

Above: Just being an extra for the TV show, “Anglers & Appetites.” No big deal.

I’ve gotten to enjoy plenty of perks of the job like giving tours around Liberty County, (which is not a bad way to spend an afternoon) learn about film production, tour TV sets, travel for showcases and conferences, drive through the interior of St Catherines Island, (although it was cut short by he who shall remain nameless) and appreciate the difference between shrimp and Wild Georgia Shrimp. I got to experience the fun of driving down a dirt road in a pickup truck, something I had never done as a “city girl” before I moved here. I came to this place as an outsider but now I know more about Liberty County than my own hometown. And my co-workers might as well be extended family members, since we’ve spent so much time together. I’ve shared countless laughs, meals, “can you believe that happened moments”, celebrations, frustrations, strange requests, eccentricities (mine, theirs and other peoples’) and more with my Chamber and CVB family.

Above: Teaching teenagers about rotary phones at the ITPA Museum is just part of the job.

I’m sure when moving day arrives, I’m going to have a moment where my heart feels empty. This move is going to be more than a new chapter, it’s going to be a new book and sometimes it’s hard to put down an old favorite. I don’t know what the future holds or if I’ll ever be coming back to live in coastal Georgia again, but I know that my life was irrevocably changed by being a part of this community. I may be moving on, but I’m taking the memories with me. Farewell until we meet again, Liberty County.

Above: Our annual cleaning of Liberty County’s historical markers.

Above: Last day with my Chamber & CVB Family

-Amanda Scott, Program Coordinator for the Liberty County CVB

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