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A Foodie’s Bucket List for Liberty County in 2020

For some people, food is just a necessity to satisfy a basic need, for others food brings joy, excitement and cultural education. Liberty County is a perfect place for diversifying your taste buds and learning about the many cultures that call this slice of coastal paradise home. Thanks to Fort Stewart we have people living within the county from all over the world. For this reason our culinary scene is pretty happening! To that end, we thought A Foodie’s Bucket list of all the places we would like to eat in 2020 would be helpful in remembering to branch out, expand our palates & get hungry!

Izola’s Country Café

Izola’s Country Café located on Hwy 196W. This traditional southern-style buffet will never leave you hungry, but you will want to come back for more! Fried chicken, fried fish, mashed potatoes, grits, collards, mac & cheese and so much yummy traditional southern goodness! And they serve breakfast too! Have you ever had breakfast in a cup? Well, they can make it happen for you, be sure to go check it out.

(Photo Courtsey of Leah Poole)

Good to Go Jamacian Resturant

Good to Go Jamaican Restaurant is located on Hwy 196W across from McDonald’s. With dishes like Curried Goat and Saffron Chicken, this island haven is an oasis in the middle of town. My favorite dish is the oxtails and goat on a bed of white rice. The smell alone will send your senses into a frenzy. Get a taste of Jamaica right here in Liberty County. And they deliver!

(Photo Courtsey of Good to Go Jamacian Resturant)

The Sunbury Crab Co.

The Sunbury Crab Company located on the Liberty County coast. Serving fresh-caught seafood daily (Wednesday-Sunday) this family restaurant serves oysters and Blue Crab by the bucket, along with crab cakes, steaks, fried shrimp and more. After a filling meal, be sure to take a stroll down the docks to see if you can spot dolphins playing in the water or watch the sun paint the sky in watercolors as it sinks below the horizon.

(Photo Courtesy of Tammy Lee Bradley)

D’corner Latin Specialties

D’Corner Latin American Specialties is located on west Oglethorpe Hwy across the street from Kroger. Sink your teeth into their specially seasoned pork chops or their delectable Cuban sandwich. A fan favorite is the steak stuffed tostones on a bed of lettuce with a few sliced tomatoes. There is no going wrong when trying to figure out what to order from D’corner.

Meal from D'Corner

(Photo Courtesy of D’Corner Latin American Specialties)

Tazza Kabob Grillhouse

Tazza Kabob Grillhouse is located on General Screven Way on the right before you enter through the main gate of Fort Stewart. Although they are new to Liberty County, Tazza has already begun to gain a flavorful reputation. The lamb chops have certainly become popular! They offer many gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options as well. Be sure to try the sampler platter to get a feel for all they have to offer.

Steak Kabob plate from Tazza

(Photo Courtesy of Tazza Kabob Grillhouse)

Zum Rosenhof

Zum Rosenhof in downtown Hinesville. Authentic German dishes are made from scratch every day to include schnitzel with serval choices of gravy, cucumber salad, frikadellen (German meatloaf), bratwurst served with sauerkraut and so much more! With a large German presence in Liberty County it is a popular spot for locals and the newly arrived. With a full bar, they offer tons of German beers. Did we mention the German grocery store they opened right next door?

(Photo Courtesy of Tammy Lee Bradley)

Rodeo Mexican Resturant

Rodeo Mexican Restaurant located on Hwy 84 in Hinesville. They offer authentic Mexican food at reasonable prices. With veggies chopped fresh daily and great menu items like carnitas, Tacos El Diablo and Nachos Rodeo, this restaurant is the place you go where everyone knows your name (at least after a visit or two!).

(Photo Cortesy of Leah Poole)

Adobe Filipino Resturant

Adobe Filipino in the Kroger shopping center. This traditional Filipino restaurant has been open a little over two years and has high marks from those who have visited. The pork adobo has had great reviews!

(Photo Cortesy of Adobe Flipino Resturant)

Dulce Delicia

Dulce Delicia is located in a little shopping center on South Main Street. This tucked-away delight is home to some of the greatest Puerto Rican desserts in Liberty County. You can try anything from traditional Puerto Rican desserts or even a custom cake. Dulce will surely exceed your expectations and satisfy your taste buds. Give them a try today!


In the South food is an experience. It evokes memories, moments and so much more. The tradition of food in the South is incredible, and it doesn’t have to be southern food, it’s just-food. Food brings us together, makes us family without any real ties and creates an atmosphere you only find below the Mason Dixon Line.

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