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All Things Coffee in Liberty County

Do you prefer your coffee hot, iced or frozen? With cream and sugar or black? The possibilities are endless when it comes to fixing your perfect cup. No matter how you like it, these local spots have the cup for you! For most, starting the day with a cup of coffee, or 3, is a necessity. We recommend stopping at one these spots and trying their unique versions of the average cup of Joe!

1. Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies

Maui Wowi offers authentic Hawaiian coffee with beans sourced from Kona, Kauai and Molokai. From their signature Hawaiian blends to cold brew to blended cappuccinos, coffee lovers are sure to find a new favorite island flavor.

You can also find them as a vendor out at the downtown Hinesville Farmer’s Market on Thursday afternoons.The Healthy Spot

2. The Healthy Spot

The Healthy Spot has become one of the local hangouts to just chill & relax or get work done during the day. They have a nice selection of protein iced coffees. Protein iced coffees are a refreshing option post workout or when you just want a little extra pick me up. Be sure to snap some super cute pics in their egg chairs while you’re there.

3. Blaze Coffee House

Blaze Coffee House is a relatively new addition to our java scene here in Liberty County. They are serving up some really fun specialty frappes and iced coffee flavors that you won’t be able to find just anywhere. They have a frappe flight or an iced coffee flight where you are able to pick 4 different flavors to try! With an all-day breakfast menu, as well as lunch options so you are sure to find the perfect coffee and meal porter

4. Split Fin Brewing

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Head over to Split Fin to try out a coffee flavored beer. The Coffee Porter is Split Fin’s second highest selling beer. This porter has a strong coffee flavor followed by toffee notes, and the people sure do love it! Also frequently on tap is Shore Dive, an English Stout with a strong chocolate taste followed by coffee notes.

frosted coffee

5. Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A’s frosted coffee is such a treat and taste more like a dessert than your regular cup of coffee. It is their custom blend of cold brew hand-spun with their vanilla ice cream. If you are looking for something not quite so sweet to pair with your chicken minis in the morning, you can certainly go with a hot brew or the classic iced coffee.

6. McDonald’s

McDonald’s has quite the coffee menu to choose from as well. You can go with a standard Americano or get fancy and order an iced caramel macchiato. The best thing about McDonald’s is their coffee is available all day, so even if you want a cup at 2am, they will have it.

We hope this helps you find your next favorite coffee and inspire you to branch out to try some new flavors at some local spots around town!

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In Liberty County, we like to say we have The Right Blend for everyone. Whether you’re visiting us for a weekend, looking to plant some roots, or working on your business dream, Liberty welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

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