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Best Spots to Watch the Sunrise or Sunset in Liberty County

We think that one of Liberty County’s best attributes are the beautiful views that Mother Nature paints in the sky each morning and afternoon – weather permitting. People often ask where they can see the best, clear views of the sunsets and sunrises. We gathered some of em’ to share with y’all, so that everyone can enjoy. Keep reading to find out some of our favorite spots to relax outdoors and see the beauty that nature creates!

Sunrise at the Sunbury Boat Ramp

Sunbury Boat Ramp Sunrise or Sunset

📸 Stanley Peter Kane

One of Liberty County’s best kept secrets, the Sunbury Boat Ramp has some of the best views you’ll find on the coast. It’s a peaceful spot to kick back and get a wide view of the sun as it rises over the intracoastal waterway. You’re likely to find someone fishing or putting their boat in the water, because it doubles as a boat ramp and a pier. There is no doubt you’ll take in all of the sights and smells here. Bring a chair and mother nature will provide the rest!

Sunrise & Sunset at Jones Creek Park

Jones Creek Park


Another spot that we consider one of Liberty County’s best kept secrets is Jones Creek Park in Midway. This discreet little spot off of Isle of Wight Road provides silence and serenity to clear your mind and decompress from a long day or prepare yourself for a busy one. The wide-open views of the paintings in the sky are likely to make your jaw drop. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that they’re even real! If you’re a morning person, head over for a sunrise, or if you’re more of a night owl, go watch the sunset behind you! You won’t be disappointed.

Sunset at Eve Park

Eve Park Sunrise or Sunset

📸 Kenneth Odom

Colonels Island is one of our little coastal communities, and many people don’t even know that Eve Park is out there! Tucked away in the corner at Halfmoon Marina it doesn’t lack for salty air and intracoastal waterway views. You might even get lucky and see a boat coming in or going out! The best part about Eve Park is that it has a playground to occupy the kids. Head out to Colonels Island to sit back, relax and watch the sun set with the whole family in tow.

Sunrise & Sunset at St. Catherines Island

St. Catherines Island Sunrise or Sunset

📸 Jeremy Lormis

Although only accessible by boat, our barrier island, St. Catherines doesn’t lack for sunrise and sunset views. If you’re able to catch a ride or paddle out to the island, you’ll see the spectacular views while hearing the water hit the shore. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that everyone should experience if the opportunity presents itself!

Sunrise & Sunset at Fort Morris Historic Site

Fort Morris

📸 Tom Talleur || 📸 @v.m.delong

Our state historic site, Fort Morris, is located in Midway and is the perfect spot for a clear view of the St. Catherines sound. It’s open from dawn to dusk, so you can soak in all of the beautiful goodness that’s located up in the sky! In addition to the coastal views, Fort Morris has lots of old oak trees covered in Spanish moss and nature trails. This offers different ways to see the breathtaking skies! Carve out some time to go visit this historic site. You may learn a thing or two about the fort that offered protection to our coast during the Revolutionary War!

Sunrise at Bryant Commons ParkBryant Commons

Don’t feel like driving out to the coast to see the beautiful views? Bryant Commons Park in downtown Hinesville is the perfect spot to get exactly that right here in town. The old oak trees provide the perfect backdrop. Plan a relaxing morning to see everything going on up in the sky at Bryant Commons!

This is the perfect way to enjoy the cool fall weather and get out to #ExploreLiberty. Don’t forget to bring your camera along and snap a picture, so you’ll have the memories with you forever!

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