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Break Out Your Camo and Get Ready for Hunting Season Here in Liberty County

The cooler, shorter days of fall are quickly approaching and with so much going on it’s easy to see how this is a favorite season for a lot of people! Events, festivals, holidays and football are just a few things keeping us busy this time of year. But one activity we never miss out on during the fall is hunting! Most of us grew up spending time walking through the cool forests of fall in pursuit of game. It’s almost always a family based activity and a Southern tradition for kids to make it to the hunting grounds at least once with their daddy.

Photo of Lanier & Chi Sittle provided by Ashley Sittle

Since most of us keep up that family tradition and activity, we thought we would put together some information so it’s all in one place for the upcoming season. We also found some great links to fill in more details so you’re prepped and ready for opening day!

Georgia Hunting Seasons & Regulations

This website will provide important information about licenses and fees, as well as hunting season regulations.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources / Wildlife Division

This page provides information on hunting grounds, how to find a processer and even a harvest summary.

Season Dates

Archery: September 11 – January 9 (see extended archery dates here)
Primitive Weapons: October 9 – January 9
Firearms: October 16 – January 9
Limits include 12 per season, statewide. No more than 10 may be antlerless and no more than 2 may be antlered. One of the 2 antlered deer must have at least 4 points, one inch or longer, on one side of the antlers.

September 4- 10
November 20 – November 28
December 19 – January 31
Limits include 15 per day, 45 in possession.

November 13 – February 28
Limits include 12 per day.

Photo courtesy of Dorchester Shooting Preserve

Local Hunting Clubs:

Liberty Hunting Club 1400 Pate Rogers Rd Fleming, Georgia
Liberty Hunting Club is a deer and hog focused hunting community.

Dorchester Shooting Preserve 2640 Sunbury Rd, Midway, GA 31320
Dorchester Shooting Preserve a 5,000-acre habitat for pheasant, duck and quail hunting, it is adjacent to Tradeport East Business Center and has a world-class lodge.

Portal Hunting Club 9356 Jones Rd NW, Riceboro, GA 31323
Portal Hunting Club contains about 13,000 acres of land in Long, Liberty and McIntosh counties. Bull Town Swamp runs through the middle of the club. During deer season, a little more than 40 members meet once a week and hunt for two days.

A few simple rules for non-hunters during hunting season:
-Always be visible!
Visible means safe. This is a tip for people and animals alike. Always wear reflective vests. Don’t walk your dog without a vest in the woods as you may be mistaken for prey.

-Use common sense!
Don’t let dogs off the leash in wooded areas as they may run off after actual hunting dogs and get lost. Avoid walking in the woods during dawn and dusk, as those are the prime times for hunting.

-Stay Informed!
If you frequent a particular wooded area make sure you inform yourself about its hunting status.

Stay on the marked trails!
Do not wander off the beaten path during hunting season. You will put yourself and the hunters at risk.

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