Photo provided by Ashley Sittle, pictured are Lanier & Chi Sittle, the grandchildren of Ms Susan Poole McCorkle!

Who’s Ready to Hunt?

Hunting is a rite of passage in the south and Liberty County is no exception. As someone raised here I can attest that it didn’t matter if you were a girl or a boy, the expectation was that you would participate in hunting in some way. Whether you chose to learn to fire a gun…

Spanish moss paradise

One of our favorite past times in Liberty County is to sit back and relax on the porch or dock and take in the beautiful landscape that surrounds us. An all too common beauty in our scenery but one we often don’t notice or forget, are those massive Live Oak trees dripping with Spanish Moss….

These are a few of our favorite foods!

The South is all about food, it’s no secret. If we can’t fry it we probably won’t try it lol! Kidding, well sorta. We thought we’d compile a list of some of our favs locally, along with pics if we had ‘em and encourage you to eat local & try something new! Parmesan Garlic Fried…