Cheese, Peanut Butter and the Power of Community

This week, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Cabot Community Tour, which made a stop right here in Liberty County. If you don’t know about Cabot, they make cheese and other delicious dairy products, which I personally can’t get enough of. The Cabot Community Tour is all about reaching out to communities. Cabot believes strong, thriving communities have helped make their products a household name and realizes that these types of communities make the world a better place. The Cabot Community Tour is a celebration of communities and right now they have cyclists riding from Florida to New York to spread good will, good cheese and the word about community involvement.

The cyclists are Cathy and Myron Skott, a husband and wife team. They were excited to be here and pleased that Fairfield Inn & Suites welcomed them so graciously. Local community service group Guardians in Action helped organize a peanut butter drive to coincide with the tour and send-off breakfast.  Two ladies from the Manna House were on hand to accept the donation and discuss all the good their organization has done for needy Liberty County residents. Cabot then matched the peanut butter donation with a donation of cheese.

It was great to learn about Manna House and how their contribution has directly and positively impacted the lives of our residents. One person who benefited from Manna House now works at the Fairfield Inn & Suites. After the Manna House representatives had given their presentation, he spoke up and said that when he first came to Liberty County, they helped him and now he is a productive member of our community because of their assistance during his time of need. It was a touching moment for those there and a commendation to Manna House and their commitment to volunteerism in the community.

Cathy and Myron went on to talk about Cabot’s commitment to communities and volunteerism. Cabot has a Reward Volunteers app that will allow you to log your volunteer hours and then submit your entry for a chance to win a reward. It’s a little way Cabot likes to give back to those who give. I think we have plenty of people in Liberty County who volunteer their time and give so much back to the community that are well deserving of a little reward.

The morning of the send-off breakfast, I got to work and collected my things to take with me, most importantly my camera, cell phone, coffee and a jar of peanut butter. I wasn’t thinking about community so much as just getting a few good pictures to post to our social media and website. I got so much more out of the experience. I was impressed with the physical stamina of the Skotts, their commitment to the journey and Cabot’s interest in strengthening communities. I was also very happy to see the display of donations made by the people of Liberty County and how Manna House is really helping individuals during times of crisis.

Our community in Liberty County is small but even small communities can make a big impact. We impressed Cabot enough that they made us a stop on their tour route! I’m glad to live in a county where community has meaning and giving back is part of everyday life.

-Amanda Scott, CVB Program Manager

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