Discover the Mysterious Tree Spirits of Liberty County

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Discover the Mysterious Tree Spirits of Liberty County

Summer is quickly approaching which means bright, sunny skies and warmer days perfect for adventures! Nothing beats cruising down the back roads and wandering off the beaten path to discover the natural beauty that is all around us. You might even be surprised at what you find hidden among the trees!

As you wander down Barrington Ferry Road after it turns into dirt just past the old Leconte Woodmanston plantation, don’t be surprised to find a face peeking out from one of our Live Oak trees. Yep, you might actually see a face looking back at you while you’re doing some Sunday afternoon riding. And no, we’re not talking about the Keebler Elves. These faces are serene and majestic and unfortunately don’t make cookies! These are the Tree Spirits of Liberty County. Two sit along the right-hand side of the road carved into trees about 50 yards apart as you’re driving down. The third one can be spotted on your way back towards the paved road, again on the right-hand side.

We don’t know who carved these majestic faces or what the meaning is behind them, but they sure add a little mystery to a backroad we all love to wander down. Walk right up to it and you’ll see the amount of detail and precision in each face. If you’ve ever tried to carve your name into a tree or wooden shed you know it’s pretty difficult to make it look nice, and yet the character and detail of these faces are a perfect example of rustic artwork.

Plan your next weekend around visiting these peculiar works of art and take in a bit of Liberty County on your ride. Maybe you’ll find a new Tree Spirit that has appeared recently or perhaps you’ll find another hidden gem. You never know what surprises and mysteries are waiting for you after the pavement ends, so grab adventure by the reigns and #exploreliberty.

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