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Easy Peach Ice Cream Using Local Fruit in 6 Steps

We’re nowhere close to the dog days of summer but it sure is getting hot! It really put us in the mood for homemade ice cream! We found this great recipe & decided to give it a try. It’s a great way to make ice cream without an ice cream maker & all of the typical add-ons you need for that process. If you have peaches on hand from the Fleming Shortcut Fruit Stand this is an easy way to make a sweet, cold treat for a hot summer afternoon!

Fresh Georgia Peaches-15-20
Heavy Whipping Cream-1 pint
Sugar-if you want or not if you like the really peachy flavor!

1. Wash and chop peaches into bite-sized pieces (leave skins on)

2. Put the peaches in a gallon Ziplock bag and freeze overnight

3. Take half the peaches and about 1 cup of heavy cream and put in food processor, blend until smooth (you may have to add more heavy cream).

4. Add the rest of the peaches & possibly more heavy cream & blend

5. Put the blended mix into a metal pan and freeze at least 1 hour

6. Serve your yummy summer treat & enjoy!

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