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End of Summer Nostalgia Setting In with our Top 9

Is it just us, or is the summer nostalgia already setting in? Even though we’re ready for sweater weather, we aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to those good old summer days. For the most part, real life is back in full swing and everyone is on a regular schedule. With that being said, we decided to gather our top 9 photos from Instagram for the last month that show what the end of summer looks like in Liberty County.

As you can see sunsets and dirt roads are some of our most popular posts. These are all true Liberty County staples! We are a place that is known for our beautiful coasts and “South Georgia sunsets” and we are proud to showcase all of the beauty that Liberty County has to offer any chance we get. Keep scrolling for a chance to see the number 1 most liked photo from the month of September!

Number 9

Photo by @matty_matt08 on Instagram

Who doesn’t love their pets? Coming in at number 9, we reposted some photos of cute doggies that y’all tagged us in. This adorable little pup was a fan favorite!

Number 8

Photo by @thegeorgiaphotographyfanatic on Instagram

We have plenty of beautiful dirt roads with canopies that are perfect for photoshoots!

Number 7

Photo provided

Last month, we honored all of the lives lost in the tragedy that took place on September 11, 2001. We posted a photo in remembrance of these heroes to show our respect to the fallen and their loved ones. This was our number 7 for the month!

Number 6

Photo by Bianca Croft

Number 6 is one of those famous “South Georgia sunsets” that we were talking about, and it’s on the water. What more could you ask for?!

Number 5

Photo by Jeff Jones

Number 5 was taken out in Sunbury and it sure is beautiful! These views are perfect for a Sunday drive with the windows down.

Number 4

Photo by Kathy Ackerman

Number 4 is what sunset dreams are made of. Look at all of those beautiful colors!

Number 3

Photo by Tom Talleur

Number 3 is the sun coming up over the water out in Midway. Don’t you want to wake up to this view every morning?

Number 2

Photo by @thecoastaldrone on Instagram

Isn’t number 2 awesome?! A drone captured this image of our Liberty County marshes from up above.

Number 1

Photo provided

Coming in at number 1 are those dirt roads with the canopies that y’all love so much! This photo is from out in Midway and is one of our favorites too!

We love using Instagram, especially because we get to see Liberty County through your eyes. All of the beautiful photos that our residents share help us showcase the appreciation everyone has for the place we call home.

Now that we are rolling into fall, we hope that y’all continue to get out and #exploreliberty, and if you do make sure to tag our Instagram account! We can’t wait to see the hidden gems you find!

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