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Explore the Vibrant History of the 3rd ID in Liberty County

Our office is always venturing out to #exploreliberty and its rich history, so we set out to visit the 3rd ID Museum on Fort Stewart during a recent excursion. Just like other installations Fort Stewart and the 3rd ID are very proud of their history. In order to make this living history available to people, they dedicated a new building in November of 2017. The Museum is a place to explore for newcomers, as well as history buffs alike.


The first person you’ll meet at the museum is Mr. John Potter, who is the keeper of this national treasure. You will know who he is as soon as you meet him. He is a former soldier who served as a medic and is now serving by maintaining and procuring Army history for future generations. If you have the slightest interest in history, you have to go and see him!

The 3rd ID Museum houses storylines (as Mr. Potter calls them), beginning with Camp Stewart all the way to today. During the visit, Mr. Potter took us through the decades of the 3rd ID, explaining each timeline, the displays andconnecting the events with hard facts. The expedition begins with Camp Stewart which was created in 1940 as an anti-aircraft training camp, due to the Army’s needs during World War II. Over the next several decades, the 3rd ID participated and assisted in the Korean War, Cold War, Operation Desert Storm and the most recent Iraq War.


Each decade has artifacts and replicas commemorating the efforts made by the 3rd ID to protect our country. What people do not realize is that everything behind glass is an artifact in its original stage. Things you can freely touch and take pictures with are usually replicas. The Museum has an abundance of things from cigarette packs, uniforms, gear, weapons and even vehicles. All of these things are bringing history to life and the most incredible thing is, the admission to this place of wonder and history is free.


One of my personal favorites is the storyline about the female pilots called the WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots). This small but mighty group was composed of women during a time when men were fighting the Axis Powers overseas. They were organized civilian pilots who were attached to the US Army/Air Force to fly military aircraft during World War II. This group of women transported all kinds of military aircraft, towed targets for live anti-aircraft gun practice, simulated missions and transported cargo. The WAS

P were recognized and granted veteran status almost 30 years after the war.

The 3rd ID Museum is located on 158 Calvary Way BLDG 506 Fort Stewart GA; the opening hours are Tuesday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm and the admission is free. It is a great place to learn about the 3rd ID, as well as the history of Fort Stewart as a whole. So get up, get out and #exploreliberty.




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Andrea Conyers Communications Assistant Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and CVB

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