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‘Exploring your hometown: Why visiting a local museum is important

If you are native to Liberty County then you have passed by historic markers or signs reading “Museum” next to quite a few buildings. Liberty County is known for its food, culture and rich history. Growing up here you might not view Liberty County in the same light. Taking a tourist’s view of your hometown is not always simple. Start with a local museum visit; which will open your eyes and ignite a new appreciation for your hometown. Get to know local heroes, be inspired and help bring change & development to your community; all by visiting your local museum. Here are a few reasons to explore your hometown and visit local museums.

Lessons in Humanity

Museums are not only for documenting human histories but also the different traditions and practices of citizens of that time. By observing artifacts, monuments or places, you can gain insight into the mindset of the people that were previously present. A great example is everything that can be seen at the Midway Museum. The Midway Museum has paintings, colonial style cottages and artifacts from the early settlements of Liberty County, that depict their everyday life. While observing everything at the Midway Museum, you will learn all about the early settlement of Liberty County without cracking open a textbook.

Get to know local stories

History is more than just artifacts; it’s about preserving stories of pivotal figures who made a difference in our world. Learn about Ms. Susie King Taylor who was born a slave on the Isle of Wight in Liberty County and later went on to be the first African American woman to teach openly in a school for freed slaves. Listen to the stories about a group of Puritan descendants traveling to Midway in 1754 at the Midway Museum. Immerse yourself in the Gullah culture at the Geechee Kunda Center in Riceboro. There are many stories to hear while exploring Liberty County.


Do you ever feel like you need a burst of inspiration for an art piece? Or you just need something that will spark your next idea? It’s not a coincidence that there is a “muse” in “museum.” Museums can be a great place to recharge, refocus and refresh those creative juices. While observing art from the Hinesville Area Art Council or experiencing a live history lesson from the Geechee Kunda center, inspiration can strike at any moment. Museums offer a great way to stimulate new ideas which can result in a masterpiece.

Helps bring change & development

Museums have a positive impact on the human experience in addition to art & culture. These places preserve the legacy of Liberty County. For example, take a tour of Dorchester Academy which was one of the only schools in the United States that allowed former slaves to receive an education. Understand why education is something that is near and dear to this community. Museums serve to enrich the lives of visitors and help educate the world. We must understand our past if we want to have a successful future as a community.

Enjoy Interactive Activities

Museums don’t have to be a boring activity just to pass the time. Interact with new technology that has been put in place to enrich your museum experience. For example, the 3rd Infantry Division Museum located on Ft. Stewart includes an interactive gallery featuring the origins of Camp Stewart with its progression to Fort Stewart, a gallery presenting the history of the 3rd Infantry Division and portraits highlighting unit histories. It’s fun and educational for the entire family.

Visiting Liberty County’s historic sites and museums will help expand your knowledge on the events that once happened and give foresight into what could come to pass.

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