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Filmed in Liberty County

We’re putting you behind the scenes, so to speak, as we re-post Instagram photos from actors, films and TV shows that have filmed in Liberty County. Ben Affleck’s film, “Live by Night” shot the first and last scenes of the movie on Hampton Island in Riceboro. The independent film, “Ben and Ara” filmed on Hampton Island as well, in addition to filming scenes in downtown Hinesville. They are winning awards like crazy, by the way. We posted their wins below too! Anglers and Appetites is a Fox Sports South show that recently filmed here at Fort Stewart, the Pour House and Hampton Island. Fireball Run was here last year and got some great shots of the contestants at Fort Stewart and Dorchester Academy. Another independent film, “My Brother’s Keeper” filmed a major portion of their scenes at Seabrook Village. We love that so many people are taking notice of Liberty County’s scenic beauty and our hospitable community. Enjoy the pictures and see if you recognize any of the spots!

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