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Five Environment Loving Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Liberty County

April is finally here, and we are so excited to see so much life blooming around us. The bluebirds, robins, and hummingbirds have made their way back to our skies, trees are sprouting new green leaves, flowers are emerging from their winter naps and even the bees are busy buzzing about!

April also marks an incredible holiday that is celebrated worldwide and focuses on something we all share in common – the Earth! Earth Day happens every year on April 22nd and what better way to kick off the arrival of spring than by giving back to Mother Nature?!? Check out our list of ways to celebrate Earth Day while getting out to #exploreliberty!


Pick It Up

Photo courtesy of Keep Liberty Beautiful


Cleaning up litter is one of the easiest ways to celebrate Earth Day and something that just about everyone can pitch in on. Grab some friends and head out to an area in your community that you see needs some extra litter control such as a park or a neighborhood. Safety is definitely important for this activity so be sure to wear reflective clothing, especially if you will be near roadways, sun protection, and gloves! Keep Liberty Beautiful is our local Keep America Beautiful affiliate and a great source for information when planning to gear up for a day picking up litter.


Find a New Purpose

Recycling usually brings to mind a big blue trashcan where you can put old newspapers and empty soda cans but it is so much more than that! You can find a new purpose for something you have lying around not being used anymore such as turning an old tire into a planter for your yard or creating a bird feeder from an empty milk jug. Get creative and see how you can find a new purpose for some of your household goods!


Plant Something Green

Photo courtesy of Keep Liberty Beautiful


Spring is a great time for planting and it’s also very beneficial to our planet! Trees, bushes, and plants, in general, take in carbon dioxide from the air and then put out oxygen. The two-step process is important for the Earth and its inhabitants as it cleans the air and helps prevent soil erosion. Spruce up your yard with some new plants this year and get to help the environment at the same time!


Watch Your Waste

You can make small changes to your daily routine that can help reduce waste and in turn, give Mother Nature some relief! Making sure you turn off lights and electronics when leaving a room, turning the faucet off while you brush your teeth and even opening up a window helps reduce the use of energy and water. Reducing the use of those resources helps lower your carbon imprint on the world and can also lower your utility bills too!


Get Up & Get Out

One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is by simply getting out of the house and enjoying the outdoors. You can go for a walk in the park or around your neighborhood, go for a bike ride with friends, or go kayaking. The possibilities are endless! Liberty County has plenty of opportunities to enjoy this way of celebrating and you can find more ideas here.


We hope this list helps inspire you to give back to our home and make a difference. For more inspiration and ideas on how to make a difference this Earth Day and every day, head out to Bryant Commons on Friday, April 12 for Keep Liberty Beautiful’s 13th Annual Earth Day!


Catie Fanucci, Creative & Content Coordinator for the Liberty County CVB


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