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Five Spooky Spots for Liberty County Ghost Hunters

October is finally upon us, which means Halloween is right around the corner! But what if you’ve outgrown candy and costumes? Or what if you’re eager for more chilling adventures this Halloween? If eerie is what you are after, consider exploring these spooky Liberty County sites perfect for local ghost hunters! Just be sure to stay safe and respect all private property signs and business hours.

  1. The Old Liberty County Jail

    Located in the heart of downtown Hinesville, the historic jailhouse has been a popular site for paranormal investigations. Built in 1892, the building has decades of history teeming through its walls. While there are no known deaths at the historic jail, claims of paranormal activity include shadowy figures, whistling, footsteps, and muffled voices!

    Take a tour of this spooky spot Tuesdays & Fridays by contacting the Hinesville Downtown Development Authority at 912.877.4332 during regular business hours.


  2. Fort Morris Historic Site

    Fort Morris is unlike other forts since it does not have a traditional building. Instead, the site offers self-guided tours of the 200-year-old earthen works that were created to protect Sunbury and its harbor. Fort Morris was a battleground during the Revolutionary War, so the land is filled with memories of victory and loss. It comes as no surprise when people have ghostly encounters while exploring the earthen works. Some say you can still hear the war cries of fallen soldiers.

    Call 912.884.5999 for the most recent business hours and information on scheduling your next visit.

  3. Caswell-Groover House

    Built in the early 1900s, the Caswell-Groover house is another Liberty County location veiled in lore and mystery. Many believe the home is haunted by a murdered salesman who was having an affair with the lady of the house.

    On a rainy, October night, the salesman was departing a train (at the former Flemington, Hinesville, and Western Railroad depot) when he was shot three times by the husband who was hiding in the bushes nearby. The husband fled on horseback that night and the wife left town soon after. Neither was ever heard from again.

    As for the salesman, he was carried to the second floor of the Caswell-Groover house where he later died from his injuries. Legend has it, the slain salesman still waits for his lover to return. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the salesman’s ghost pacing in the upstairs windows.

    Located on the corner of N Main and Memorial Drive, walk by and take a peek if you’re brave!

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  4. Sunbury Cemetery

    Located just down from Fort Morris, the Sunbury Cemetery is the final resting place of several of Coastal Georgia’s first residents.

    The cemetery includes standing markers and plots dating back to the late 1700s. There are no known formal records of this cemetery, but a few old maps of Sunbury show that it was located in Church Square.

    Located on Old Sunbury Road in Midway, the cemetery is free to visit and open from dawn to dusk.

  5. Bacon Fraser House

    Believe it or not, our very own office is a well-known historic and haunted location here in Liberty County. The Bacon Fraser house is the only surviving house from Hinesville’s early settlement period. Built in 1839, the house was home to the Bacon Fraser family for six generations. When our staff purchased the home, the family members passed along stories of Mary Elizabeth Fraser’s ghost still lingering on the property.

    Mary Elizabeth’s presence can be felt predominately in the upstairs portion of the house, where she etched her initials in one of the window panes. The lights may flicker occasionally or you may see a figure in the corner of your eye, but overall, her presence here is peaceful.

    If you’d like a tour, we ask that you call ahead to ensure someone’s available. As a reminder, we are open Monday to Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM; however, always check the sign just in case we are out at an event. The property is not accessible after hours or on weekends.


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If you’re tuckered out after a long, spooky day of Liberty County ghost-hunting, be sure to visit one of these more relaxing locations to wind down and breathe easy.

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