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Five Things I Can Do If My Power Shuts Off During Hurricane Matthew


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I’m writing this blog pre-Hurricane Matthew, so I’m very optimistic at this point that everything will be fine. I’ve already got water, non-perishable items, matches and candles at the house. I’m all set with basic requirements for living. However, I’m not necessarily prepared for the boredom that may set in if the power is out for a long period of time.

My kids are six and three and while they’re great at playing games and playing with their toys by themselves, that can only last so long. So, I’ve got to have a plan in place of things to occupy myself with in case of a power outage. Here are five things I have in mind to prevent boredom and accomplish some tasks at the same time.

1.Reorganize my kitchen-I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but I never seem to make the time for it. I have a small kitchen and when we moved, I kinda just threw things in place. Now is my chance to declutter and put things in place according to how often they’ll be used.

2.Go through old photos-We have scads of photos that need to be organized. These are actual photos. Photos that were taken and printed in the days before cell phone cameras. I used to go to CVS on a regular basis to get the prints from my disposable camera. This should be a treasure trove of memories, and I’m pretty sure my kids will get a kick out of seeing my husband and I in the carefree days before they were born. Yep, we actually had a life before kids. It’s hard for them to understand.

3.Give myself a mani/pedi-I usually try get a pedicure every couple of months, but it’s been a good six months since I’ve had time for this service. I’ve got dozens of bottles of polish at my disposal, so I’m ready for any emergency in which my nails need to be done. I’m sure my daughter will want to get in on the fun with this too. I see glitter nails in my future!

4.Clean out my purses-This one might be a doozy since there’s no telling what’s inside all the purses stashed away in my closet. I’m sure I’ll find lots of receipts, candy and candy wrappers, pens and probably some long-lost clothing items. I’m crossing my fingers for finding a $100 bill.

5.Sleep– My daughter calls dreams “movies in your head” and really, is there a better way to pass the time? Here’s hoping my kids will be on board with an extended nap-time too.

In all seriousness, I hope everyone stays safe during the storm and doesn’t suffer too much damage. I’ve lived in coastal areas for half my life and hurricanes are no joke, except I did tell my mom that I would walk outside and Facetime her during the storm. For some reason, she didn’t find that funny. Take care, ya’ll!

–Amanda Scott, Program Manager for the Liberty County CVB


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