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Five Tips to Making It to Work on Time if You Live on the Georgia Coast

As a native of Liberty County, one of six coastal counties in Georgia, until I actually lived on the water I never understood why those on the “east end” were always considered to be so anti-social. For those not familiar with Liberty County, the east end of the county is the coastal end, where the water is! Our county is very long (45 miles) and has a varied topography with some areas very metropolitan and others left very natural and wooded.

Having grown up in this county I of course experienced the coast and all that it had to offer, however, I never lived on or near the water. After purchasing my first home a little over two years ago on Isle of Wight, which is literally an island with one way on and off, I have come to appreciate the reclusive nature of the Liberty County East Ender. I have embraced my inner recluse and find some weekends that if I don’t leave my little island I’m ok with that!


I have had to rethink my strategy for making sure I get to work on time though (those house payments don’t make themselves!) and would encourage anyone in coastal Georgia to use these tips to help you make it in to the office on time!

What I have found is that they basically follow your five senses:

1. Smell. Upon awakening on the Georgia coast try not to breath! If you mistakenly inhale some of that salt air you are DONE for! No work for you for the day! Or at least you’re going to be late, go ahead and text the boss! The smell of salt air is like none other, both locals and newbies come to know that smell as “home” and find themselves reluctant to leave at any cost.
2. Taste. Same thing as smell basically. You can often find hints of salt in the air and especially during our humid summers the air literally has a taste to it. Be sure to drink your coffee in the morning to coat your tongue from accidentally getting that tinge of salt that will again make you reluctant to abandon your peace in favor of the daily grind!
3. Hearing. Oh the water! Who doesn’t love the sounds of water and find it soothing? While not everyone has the water lapping at their back doors on the Georgia coast, just the sounds on the coast are different. Everything seems quieter, more peaceful and still. You can hear the birds and squirrels, and sometimes I swear you can hear the trees sighing!
4. Touch. You better start praying if you mistakenly exit your house on a work day and drift down to your dock and dangle a foot in the water. Or touch your boat. Or think swinging on your hammock for “just a sec” is allowed. You should just give it up, hunker down and say “adios!” to work for the day, you’re not leaving.
5. Vision. And finally the biggie! While I wouldn’t suggest blinding yourself, vision is definitely the hardest to get around of the senses. Just walking out the door is a feast for the eyes. Beach morning glories blooming (which only happens in salt air!), the tide is coming in/going out (which is always a feast for every sense) and often just the sight of the sun coming up on the water can leave you speechless and there again you will have to pry yourself away for that all important JOB.

So while living without any of your senses would certainly handicap you, and I would certainly never suggest such drastic measures, I do suggest that if you live on the Georgia coast you have to approach this “leaving home” business with caution. If you’re just a visitor, get ready to stay cause you’re gonna love it here!

-Leah Poole, CEO of the Liberty County Chamber & CVB

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