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From Ireland to Liberty

IMG_20160525_094153As an Irish person, I knew little about Military life let alone anything about life in the Deep South. To me it was the stuff of literature and film. When my husband got orders for Fort Stewart, I knew life was about to change drastically! When I found out it was located in Liberty County I chuckled. ‘Liberty’, you can’t get more American than that. It was a sign!

My most vivid memory of arriving in Hinesville (thanks to taking an exit too soon off I95!) was driving through Riceboro on a freezing cold January day. I got my first glimpse of Spanish moss draped Live Oaks and fell in love. It was my “you’re not in Kansas Ireland any more” moment. Since then the ways of the South have infiltrated my bones and I struggle to comprehend how any other lifestyle works.

Being a military family, we spend most of our time on Fort Stewart: working and socializing. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer installation to be our first duty station! Entering the main gate still gives me shivers; those majestic buildings lined by proud Georgia pines make me immensely patriotic to a country that has adopted me and given me so much opportunity.

My favorite part of Fort Stewart? Getting there! The drive from our home to post is the prettiest car ride anyone could take. I’m of course talking about driving through the streets of Downtown Hinesville! The ancient Live Oaks and flower-lined lawns provide the sweetest backdrop to the red brick civic buildings that ooze Southern charm! It’s like time stood still. I love grabbing a coffee on a warm day and strolling the streets of historic Downtown Hinesville. As an amateur photographer, I find inspiration around every corner and the architecture around Liberty County is ready and waiting for my upcoming photo jaunts. I couldn’t ask for better locations. There’s nothing prettier than Flemington Church in brilliant sunshine or the docks and salt marshes of Midway as the sun sets.

On Sunday mornings our go-to, post-breakfast activity, is a stroll around Bryant Commons, a hidden gem on the edge of Hinesville. Whether you’re looking for a trail to run/walk, a pretty place to enjoy a family picnic or an area for your four-legged friend to get some exercise, Bryant Commons is fun for all the family!

Some things that I will never love here are the critters. Gnats, ‘gators and snakes are not my ideal visitors but we’ll try our best to co-habit in peace! Love thy neighbor and all that!

Liberty County’s biggest draw for me is its proximity to the coast. How lucky we are to live here in Coastal Georgia. I’m not sure this island girl could be truly happy without the smell of salt in the air!

I’m excited for what the future brings. The sense of community and effort to make our town a happy, safe and thriving one is unrivaled. I’m so happy to call Liberty County home.

Guest Blog

Amy Scott

Amy Scott is an Irish girl living in the Deep South.  She is a military spouse stationed at Fort Stewart, GA.  You can check out her blog at

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