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Georgia Peach Cobbler in 6 Steps

It seems like peaches are everywhere! And why shouldn’t they be, after all we are the peach state! This sweet and delicious summer fruit has been the star of our desserts for weeks now so we thought we would share a quick recipe for Georgia peach cobbler in 6 easy steps!

#1 Select your peaches! We used these from the Fleming Fruit Stand. We selected 6-8 of the best from our basket & just gave them a rough chop, leaving the skins on. And we preheated the oven to 350 degrees. The best thing about a cobbler, even if your peaches have gotten a little soft, that is just fine!

#2 We put the peaches in a bowl and mixed them with a ½ cup of sugar to help pull some of the juices out of the fruit for our quick cobbler!

#3 We melted a stick of butter in the microwave.

#4 We took a regular yellow cake mix and mixed it with our butter.

#5 We poured our peaches into a baking pan and crumbled our cake/butter mix on top.

#6 We baked the whole thing for 30-40 minutes until it was crisp, put some in a bowl and topped with vanilla ice cream!

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