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Getting to Know Our Program Coordinator

Being a Program Coordinator requires one to wear many hats at our organization. One day you are planning a luncheon and negotiating catering contracts and the next you are writing a press release about something exciting that just happened in the community. Whether it is event management, writing a blog, scheduling tweets or creating a newsletter, our Program Coordinator, Desiree Riley gets it done while making it look easy!

Desiree is a military kid, so she doesn’t have a specific hometown. However, she spent a lot of time living with an aunt in South Carolina while her mom was on various deployments. Fun fact: she attended first grade at Brittin Elementary (now closed) on Fort Stewart, so maybe she was destined to be near Liberty County all along!

After living in the Midwest and overseas, Desiree’s college dreams brought her back to the southeast when she attended Georgia Southern University. Once she received her Master’s degree in English, she stayed in Statesboro for four more years teaching first-year writing classes at the university. Eager to continue her career growth and move to a new city, Desiree decided to give Liberty County a try after her mom settled in Allenhurst.

Desiree is still new to the Chamber, but she’s ready to work hard! She’s also excited to learn even more about the area as she continues to work with the community. “Even though I’ve been visiting Liberty County for years, I had no idea there was so much to do and see! I can’t wait to learn even more,” Desiree said.

Next time you spot Desiree at an event, say hello! She’s always looking forward to meeting members and learning more about what this community has to offer. You can contact her at

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