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Goodbye Summer Break

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As kids in Liberty County get ready to return to school I celebrate because as parents we have almost made it! Congratulations! It’s that time of the year again. Let the celebrations begin. After two months of camps, sleepovers and some whining, I am ready for my children to return to school. This time of the year also brings an emotional side. Two opposing feelings are filling my heart. A sadness since the beginning of every new school year reminds me that my babies are not babies anymore, while at the same time there is a tremendous feeling of happiness since school is about to start up again and a regular schedule will return!

The question about how to feed your children now becomes the issue. I have a fifty, fifty chance on that one. My oldest is happy to eat lunch in school, with the occasional buys when the items on the menu aren`t as exciting. Now, my little one is a totally different creature, and that’s where our issues comes in. What will the picky eater actually eat this week? This is never an easy question to answer since her taste changes fairly often. We went a full two months with only Nutella sandwiches. The food topic is definitely something I have to figure out before the first day of school.

Once past the first hurdle, there are of course more. Trying to anticipate how much my children will grow over the next few months. We will recheck the uniforms after Christmas and see where we stand then. Is it only me or do all parents deal with this? My children seem to have a great strategy in place to ensure a steady flow of new uniforms and clothing items. The moment I purchase their clothes and shoes, they begin a new growth spurt. How can a parent win?

After meal prep and shopping is over, only one more thing is left on the list. School supplies. I do most of my school supply shopping the year before when things go on sale. I just want to make sure we have everything on the list and maybe a bit more, so I usually wait for any extras until after open house.

When it’s all said and done and the new school year begins, life returns back to normal, at least in my household. Don’t let this year’s preparation derail you though, rather enjoy the great occasion.

If you want a way to celebrate and help our local Liberty County School System at the same time reach out and become a volunteer for Day One! This is an annul event that works to engage the community in welcoming students back to school & to stress the importance of getting off to a good start on the first day of the school year. Which happens to be August 6! The goal of the project is to invite community organizations, business partners, parents & the faith-based community to welcome students back to school, as well as reignite the year long relationship of support for local school.

So reach out to Cathy Lane by calling 912.369.0494 or email her at to volunteer. It will only take an hour out of your day but make a lasting impression on children all over our county!




Andrea Conyers   Communications Assistant with the Liberty County Chamber/CVB

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