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Grab a sweet tea in Liberty County

There are a few things that instantly bring the south to mind: football, accents and fried chicken are a few. One of the most obvious signs you might be in the South would be a glass of sweet iced tea, which like football is religion down here. There are other beverages that have come to be known as southern like Coca-Cola and Kentucky bourbon, but no drink is as widely loved & appreciated as a glass of tea.

Liberty County actually has its own connection with the beloved beverage. In the late 1800s a Scotland native by the name of John Jackson came to our area and tried to grow tea. The soil along the coast was perfect for the crop & his results yielded much praise from tea import houses in New York. Despite his success, his funding was sent to South Carolina when political tides changes and the project never amounted to much. Jackson did return to Liberty County and farm his own tea crop in later years and those tea fields could still be seen well into the 1900s.

Over time we’ve seen our fried chicken dressed up & the recipe for Coca-Cola has changed as well but nothing has changed with our sweet tea. It’s still the same recipe our grandmas used: water, tea & sugar. That’s it, why try to fix something that isn’t broken? You might throw a slice of lemon on the glass but really that’s just a garnish. Sweet tea is the quintessential, southern beverage, and we’re all happy with it just the way it is. Serve it with your supper or on the front porch with the gals or pack it in a mason jar and take it with you fishing. However you drink it, it’s still the same refreshing drink we all love.









We decided to share our favorite locals stops for a good glass of sweet tea here in Liberty County. So grab some at one of these places, and you’re sure to leave happy!

  1. ShoNuff Smoking Good BBQ– Our resident tea expert, Valerie Forrester deemed ShoNuff the best quite a while ago. For her to be a regular patron at your establishment, you must have quality sweet tea. The tea at ShoNuff Smoking Good BBQ hits the spot for us!
  2. Izola’s Country Cooking– What goes better with a plate of homestyle cooking than sweet tea?! Grab a place in line & load your plate up at the buffet before you fill your cup with tea!
  3. Parkers– If you’ve never had a cup of Parkers’ sweet tea with some chewy ice in it- you’re not a true resident of Liberty County. This convenience store, which started right in Midway at Exit 76 off I-95, is the spot to stop for quick beverage.
  4. Margie’s Southern Cooking– Y’all be sure and head down Shaw Road in Walthourville for some of some of Ms. Margie’s delish cooking. A plate of fried chicken, macaroni & cheese and collard greens shouldn’t be served with anything but sweet tea. This food truck is one of our favorites and was even voted Best Food Truck in 2017 by the Georgia Culinary Guide!
  5. Smokin’ Pig– Just across the street from the Parkers at Exit 76, you’ll find the Smokin’ Pig. They may be known for their BBQ but trust us, no corners have been cut while making the sweet tea. Pair your tangy BBQ sandwich with a sweet tea for the perfect meal.

We’ll be serving up some of our sweet peach tea at Hinesville City Hall in the lobby for Georgia Cities week. Come have a drink with us and look through some of the older photos of our county seat. See y’all there!


-Erin Johnson, Creative & Content Manager  for the Liberty County CVB

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