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History Lovers Bucket List

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At the Convention & Visitors Bureau we always want to share notable experiences with our locals and visitors alike. There are however, some experiences that you absolutely have to have when you’re in Liberty county. If you haven’t already had a chance to do or see these places mark them are your list for 2018!

  1. Play “Happy Birthday” on the phone at the ITPA museum. Before the iPhone took over we used to have phone with cords and actual buttons. Have a little fun and type of couple tunes with your friends, a helpful little booklet will instruct you which keys to press for each song. This is a must do with your kiddos. We love taking the YALL kids here because most of them have never even seen a rotary phone!
  2. Visit the room MLK stayed in at Dorchester Academy. Preserved as it was during the time period of his stay, modern day visitors can tour the room that civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. stayed at Dorchester Academy. The boys’ dormitory has recently undergone renovations to help preserve the building and allow the story of the school & its students to continue on.
  3. Turn the key at the historic jail. If you’ve ever been on a tour of the historic Liberty County jail, you’ve seen your guide opening the building with the giant steel key. It definitely looks like something out of an old movie!
  4. Watch a musket demonstration at Fort Morris. Throughout the year, Fort Morris historic site out in Sunbury hosts many events both big and small. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to go you’ve probably had the chance to see Arthur Edgar, in costume, fire off his musket or even a team of soldiers light the canon. It’s neat to see what the Revolutionary soldiers did while they stayed at Fort Morris.
  5. Go on a cemetery tour with the Midway Museum. Just across the street from the museum is the Midway cemetery. During October, you & your pals can visit and take a tour of the cemetery. Listen to the haunting stories of those buried within the walls and what visitors have experienced!
  6. Swing on the porch of the Bacon Fraser house. Our office is always here for you to visit during our normal business hours. Come take a walk through the historic home that Mary Jane Hazard Bacon protected from the Union troops during the Civil War. Sit a while on the front porch swing and take in the sweeping oaks on the front lawn.

Have you had a fantastic experience in Liberty County that was just too cool not to share? Let us know!


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-Erin Johnson, Creative & Content Manager  for the Liberty County CVB

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