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How to Pick a Liberty County Museum Based on Your Interests

Museums aren’t all the same and that definitely applies to the ones here in Liberty County. Some of our exhibitions and displays are truly unique to our piece of coastal Georgia. We compiled four lists of must-see museums—curated  based on hobbies or interests—so y’all can learn more about the diverse histories in Liberty County!

Military Buffs

If you’re a military history buff, then picking a museum should be easy! We have had so much military history happen in Liberty County, from a once booming seaport transformed into a ghost town to the early years of Fort Stewart!

The 3rd Infantry Division Museum highlights the progression from Camp Stewart to Fort Stewart displaying portraits, military vehicles and other key historic items from 1940 to present day. However, due to COVID-19 and restrictions from the Commanding General, no visitor passes are available without an exception-to-policy letter from the Soldiers Company, Battalion or Brigade Commander at this time.

Another really, really fascinating part of Liberty County’s history is Fort Morris. This fort was built to defend the former town of Sunbury in the 1700s. This bustling seaport was once one of the most active ports in Georgia—second  only to Savannah—and is known as one of Georgia’s most famous “dead” or lost towns.

African-American Heritage

Believe it or not, Liberty County has rich roots that positively impacted black history in the South. Our coastal community played an important role in the education of African-Americans, the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Movement.

One of our most significant National Landmarks and Historic Places is Dorchester Academy. The former school, which was the first fully-accredited place of education for newly freed slaves in Liberty County, became a place for the Citizen Education Program. The most recent historical role Dorchester played was that of a safe haven for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and other key Civil Rights Activists to plan Project C.

Another really interesting piece of culture that’s located in our community is the Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Center & Museum. This amazing living history museum displays the vanishing Geechee culture and preserves Geechee customs brought to America from Africa. The center and museum are currently by appointment only.


Interactive Museums

Who doesn’t love an interactive museum? There’s nothing more fun than visiting museums that offer hands-on learning. You can learn and experience the history of telephones and telephone equipment at the ITPA Telephone Museum. There’s even an old, red phonebooth that’s perfect for boomerangs & selfies!

The 3rd ID Museum that was listed previously also has an interactive gallery on the progression from Camp Stewart to Fort Stewart highlighting the different eras of history that Fort Stewart has experienced.






Interesting Local History

We would be remiss not to mention some of Liberty County’s local history that doesn’t quite fit a specific hobby, for example, the Old Liberty County Jail! Located in Historic Downtown Hinesville, this brick jail was completed in October 1892, making it one of the earliest brick structures in Hinesville and probably Liberty County!

Although the Midway Museum has some military history exhibits, they also have documents and furnishings that were used in coastal Georgia homes in the early 18th century. What is even more fascinating about the Midway Museum is that they have a bookstore that contains a unique range of fiction, history, memoirs, art and research works about Liberty County and coastal Georgia!


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