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How To Rid Your Life of Lovebugs

For most people, the first signs of spring include warmer weather, green leaves and the start of baseball season. In Liberty County, however, the kick-off to spring is announced by the arrival of lovebugs! Lovebugs are black and orange insects that fill the sky, as well as windshields and car grilles, at least twice a year, to include spring. Every good Southerner knows it is inevitable that the front of any vehicle will be covered with these doomed couples and the lovebug season can last four to five weeks!


The aftermath of these flying pests is not only gross to look at but can also be damaging to the paint job on your vehicle. Some residents find the time each week to take care of the splatters of bug guts, while others decide to wait until the end of the season to do it all at once. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove all of them, but below we have compiled a list of at home options to remove the insect version of Romeo and Juliet from your ride.


The species reputation as a public nuisance is due to their slightly acidic body chemistry which causes them to stick very well to your vehicle. These non-biting, non-stinging pests actually get more acidic as they decay on the front of your car! So get ‘em off immediately or use some of our preventative measures below!


  • Cooking Spray – Once you start noticing the first few love bugs floating around, spray your bumper, hood and side mirrors with some non-stick cooking spray to help prevent the bugs from sticking.


  • Degreaser – Spray the degreaser, let it set for a few minutes and then wipe all of your love bug problems away.


  • Baking Soda – Mix warm water with baking soda and watch the bugs melt from your sight.


  • Dryer Sheets – Not only is this a great smelling option, but also an easy one to accomplish as this is a product most people have at home. Water, dryer sheets and elbow grease make this a quick option.


  • Go visit Tidal Wave Auto Spa! They have monthly and yearly packages to fit your automobile cleaning needs!



Did you know that the female lovebugs only live three to four days! Also known as honeymoon bugs these winged insects came to the US via South America sometime in the 1940s and were not native to Georgia until sometime in the 1970s. We all know eventually the lovebugs will disappear from Liberty County so the best thing to do is enjoy the weather and put these tips to work to keep your vehicle looking great!


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