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It’s a Cats Life in the Bacon Fraser House

At the Liberty County Chamber/CVB, a cat named Felecia was interviewed by City of Hinesville marketing interns Mallory Soto, Tia Gonzalez and Ellen Hunter. Felecia was adopted May 2017, by the Chamber of Commerce/CVB and lives in the beautiful historic Bacon Fraser House in downtown Hinesville. She looks fierce with her stripped fur, and she sure does have an attitude to match it! Felecia is at least 3 years old, and she is very kind and loved all the attention she got from these three ladies!

Photo taken by Joanna Ng.

Interview with Felecia the Cat   

(Felecia’s response in italics)

Hello Felecia! How are you today?

~meow. I’m doing purrfect.

That’s great! Do you mind if I pet you?

~No. BUT, do not touch my belly! I will not like it if you touch it!

How does it feel to be a cat?

~that’s a weird question, but normal. I do basically the same thing every day, how does it feel to be human?

Do you enjoy eating the same thing every day?

~It gets rather boring, but it’s just something I deal with since I can’t get that fancy gourmet food.

So, h-

~Actually, do you think you can rub my belly please?

Will you attack me?

~Oh no, I won’t!

Oh okay! Well, you sure do have soft fur- hey! You bit me!

~It was a trick and you fell for it! I said not to pet my belly!

Fair enough, can you tell us some of your favorite things to do during the night?

~I love exploring. It’s my favorite past time, I explore everywhere. My favorite place is outside because I get to … bird watch.

Ah, I see. How do you feel about living in a historic house?

~I love it, the house it is so great! I get to run up and down the stairs, go outside for walks, and I even get to lounge around on the porch.

What’s your favorite holiday?

~I don’t know about you but my favorite holiday is Christmas. I love climbing up the tree and seeing how many glass balls I can make fall!

I noticed you have an Instagram; do you enjoy posing for pictures?

~Most days I’m moving around a lot so staying still for pictures is not a very easy task for me, but if you catch me on a lazy day, pictures are purrfect! I love getting the likes and comments, it makes my day! Be sure to follow be at Felecia_the_cat

Okay, now one last question, is there anything that you want to say about your caretakers?

~Oh yes, I love them so much! They do a great job at taking care of me!

We have to go now, Bye Felecia!

~I just knew that was coming!

“Although Felecia was uncooperative at times, working with her was a new and exciting experience” – Ellen Hunter, intern.

“Meeting Felecia for the first time was wonderful. She is such an energetic, loving cat. As soon as we saw her she came up to us and started to nuzzle up and purr, it was so adorable!”-Mallory Soto, intern.

Written by Mallory Soto-student intern for the City of Hinesville.

Leah Poole, CEO for the Liberty County Chamber/CVB

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