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It’s a Hard Job but Someone’s Gotta Do It!


Our travel writers found little “Liberty” while we were giving them a tour of the Historic Baptismal Trail.

Have you ever looked at someone that you see out everywhere and think “man I wish I had their job!” Yeah well that happens in our office quite frequently. The good thing is that they deserve to be jealous because while we may work our tails off we have fun while we do it!

Yes, a lot of what we do is very demanding and time sensitive but the people we get to meet and interact with are pretty cool! Just in the last couple weeks we have been working with the popular Fox Sports South show, Anglers & Appetites on an episode that we were able to get filmed in Liberty County. And with the State photographer on a photo shoot of local attractions and hosting 6 travel writers from all over the country! All in the same 2 week time span. Did I mention we’re busy?!

Now what did this entail you might ask? Other than several months of planning, scheduling and planning some more, it took up most of our Monday-Wednesday of that week because we actually had to be there, onsite during filming. We prepped people, prepped food, shopped, cooked, ate, loaded, unloaded, played hostess and more. So not all fun and games is what I mean. Thirteen people to find lodging for within a certain mile radius of shoots, directions to write, scripts to help with, sandbags (last minute) to find, all super fun stuff (ok not all the time). And 13 different personalities to contend with, not counting the guest chefs, restaurant owner, private island owner and more. And this was just for Anglers and Appetites.

Certainly not a dull moment to be had in a few weeks full of adventure, but a definite pleasure and job highlight to see people loving Liberty County as much as we do, excited about showcasing our beautiful community to the outside world.

The State photographer, Ralph Daniel, was super to work with ( The only fly in the ointment was the WEATHER! Mother Nature did not play nice with us and his originally intended shoot week turned into a monsoon which left all of our models (try 55 people!) showing up with nothing to do. So not only did we work with locations and municipalities to schedule all of this and then get it unscheduled, it then had to be rescheduled again for the real shoot date. We also fed all of these people to say thanks which entailed setting up tables, chairs, tents, etc. But man are the shots worth it! We cannot wait to show you what he was able to capture at the Historic Baptismal Trail in Liberty County, it will give you goosebumps!

And the travel writers were also a great boost to our marketing efforts, however, that required an overnight trip to Augusta, speed “dating” with writers from 8am-12 noon and then coming back home to host 6 who wanted to visit just us. We spent a whole day touring them around, making them feel welcome and showing them Liberty County. Since they have left we’ve already had a piece appear in the Philadelphia Sun! So for the “work” side of this think travel arrangements, restaurant reservations, hosting, touring, setting up, hauling coolers, shopping, etc. Oh and did I mention we found a DOG! Seriously, a cute little puppy on the boardwalk in Riceboro that our travel writers happily named Liberty. I trotted off to Carpathia Paws and took little Liberty to her new home so they could get her all fixed up and ready for adoption. Then went to dinner smelling like wet dog (oh the joy!).

I think that even though we do work a lot harder than people may realize (and that’s all professions I think) that we do it because we love it and because we love Liberty County. Without that passion for the place I firmly believe that no one would have the interest in our community that we do.

I just read back through and noticed the over abundant use of the “!” in this blog and thought about going back to change it, however, I thought “nah, you know if I take out the ! I cannot translate my excitement nearly as well.” So deal with the ! people and love that I (we) love what we do!

-Leah Poole, CEO of the Liberty County Chamber & CVB

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