Leadership Liberty-Healthcare Session-March 2014

This month’s session of Leadership Liberty was all about healthcare in Liberty County. We had the opportunity to tour the Liberty Regional Medical Center and the Liberty County Health Department. We had great presentations from LRMC CFO Sam Johnson and Elise Stafford and Bob Wiley and Nurse Kim gave us a tour. Our class had the most fun in the operation room when we donned our scrubs. Nurse Kim was nice enough to let us look at the instruments and explain surgical procedures. During his presentation, Sam Johnson said something that really struck me. He said that part of the success and progression of a community is determined by the quality healthcare available. It’s obvious that LRMC is striving to provide quality healthcare services to our community. The ER has been expanded as well as the obstetrics unit. They also are in charge of Coastal Manor Nursing Facility, which is a much-needed branchy of services to those who need long-term care.

In the afternoon we visited the Liberty County Health Department. Public health is of course, very important to those in need. The Health Department is working hard on preventative care and education of our residents. Ms. Annie Washington gave us a tour of the facility and talked to us about the many programs and care that is provided. They have a staff that is dedicated to serving the community and improving people’s lives though healthcare.

This session made me realize just how important the healthcare field is and that it takes a special team of people to manage and provide quality services. Liberty County is constantly looking to improve its healthcare services and give the public exceptional care. I’m glad I had the privilege to see a view from the inside and gain a new perspective on this important foundation of our community. –Amanda Scott

“Knowledge of our healthcare system will allow me to communicate to others the quality of the network and push elected representatives to provide more funding through Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act.”—Russell Putnam

“We are very fortunate in Liberty County to have a great hospital, with recent improvements and renovations that are beautiful, and a staff that is extremely dedicated to helping the people of Liberty and surrounding counties.”—Pam Phillips

“One thing I learned about Liberty County’s healthcare network was how the Hospital has undergone improvements!  The new ER and lab is outstanding and can provide the services that Liberty County needs.”—Karen Bell

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