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Lending a Helping Hand in Liberty County

Are you looking to get involved in local organizations? Lending a helping hand in Liberty County is a great way to do that, and it is essential to ensuring that organizations thrive. According to the Independent Sector the current estimated national value of an hour of volunteer service is $28.54. Can you imagine what that looks like to one of our local non-profits? Let’s say 20 volunteers at 20 hours per month each. That’s $11,416 in free labor, expertise and service that a non-profit doesn’t have to pay for. Not only does volunteering help the organization, but it also helps the volunteer in invaluable ways. Here in Liberty County, there are a number of different opportunities to volunteer with organizations run by members.

Save Our Next Generation (S.O.N.G.)

Lisa Brown created the non-profit organization Save Our Next Generation (S.O.N.G.). It specializes in anti-bullying efforts. The goal is to educate the community on the harmful effects that bullying creates in our schools, work places and even at home. The goal of the organization is to work closely with members of the community which includes parents, medical professionals and the school system to address and prevent bullying behavior.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) is composed of volunteers from the community who are appointed to children who have been abused and neglected. The court assigns these volunteers to children, and they speak on their behalf. Founded in 1999, Atlantic Area CASA has served 181 children with over 20 volunteers last year!

Wreaths for Warriors Walk

Wreaths for Warriors Walk is a local non-profit that is comprised of a core group of dedicated volunteers comprised of military retirees, local veterans’ organization, service organizations and local citizens who care deeply about soldiers, especially those soldiers associated with Fort Stewart. Their goal is to place a Christmas wreath at the tree of each and every fallen soldier along Warriors Walk. This happens in a solemn memorial service one Saturday in December. With generous donations, selfless volunteers and in coordination with Wreaths Across America their vision became reality when they started the local program in 2007. Each year volunteers place live wreaths on newly planted trees to memorialize soldiers lost in conflict

One Hand Washes the Other, Inc.

One Hand Washes the Other Inc. is a local non-profit. They offer at-risk youth the opportunity to work with a mentor to improve their attitudes. Their goal is to create a better future for themselves. The goal is to empower youth to break the habits that are causing them to get into trouble at school and elsewhere. They have four different mentoring programs that youth can be a part of: Changemakers, Turnaround, Higher Ground and Lunch Friends.

Helping out by being a volunteer with local organizations helps individuals know that they are doing good right here at home where it matters most. These and many other organizations thrive off of the help that they receive from community members. The opportunities listed are not the only ones that are available. To learn about more organizations in the community that you can volunteer with, visit our Membership Directory. You can find contact information such as phone numbers, addresses and websites.

Lending a helping hand in Liberty County is a great way to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself, and we have plenty of options to make sure that you choose the right place. Do not hesitate to get in touch and get started volunteering!

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