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Liberty County’s Incredible Year-Round Weather

I’m sure everyone has planned a trip before and the first thing everyone checks is the weather in the area that they are planning to visit. Being that Liberty County is a coastal community located in the Southeastern part of the United States, it is blessed to have warm weather almost all year-round. Liberty County’s weather is almost perfect! Come and see for yourself, you will not regret it!



The winter months are warmer, especially to people who are not from around here. Some people from other parts of the world may crack a smile because we believe 50 degrees is freezing, so we get all bundled up in our jackets and gloves. Other than that, that is as winter as it gets. Liberty County has seen snow once or twice and that’s it. So, if you are looking for snow Liberty County isn’t the place to visit during the winter time because it does not get that cold. But we would love for you to come visit, being that we try to have events all year round.

Photo by: Waylon McKinnon


Who doesn’t love spring time? Can you imagine having a picnic outside and hearing the birds chirping, seeing all the flowers bloom and a nice warm breeze? Pack up your favorite book, kites and snacks and head outside. The temperatures normally stay around the 70’s, so with these temperatures it is a great time to have outdoor events and activities with family. Liberty County also has several hidden gems, one of those is Jones Creek Park, it has a fishing area, public landing for small boats if you want to go on the water and a playground to let your little ones run around. You may start seeing some of our feathered friends making their way back from the tropics too!



Sweet, sweet summer time, when everyone gets out and about to head to the water. Summer time also brings perfect boating weather with sunny skies and temperatures reaching between the 80’s-90’s. Always keep a nice cold drink near by just in case it may get a little too warm. Liberty County also has several ice cream shops to help keep the heat off, what is summer without cold ice cream? Check out our website membership directory and see where they are! If you are in Liberty County you may hear the rumbling of thunder but summer afternoon showers are a frequent event that pass over quickly, so don’t cancel those plans you have made!


Pumpkin spice, pumpkins and fall leaves. Fall brings more than just football in Liberty County. Temperatures begin to drop as the days get shorter which is a good thing, that just means longer nights around the bonfire drinking your favorite hot cocoa or coffee with family and friends.








Liberty County tries to have events all through the year. So be sure to check our website to stay up-to-date!


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In Liberty County, we like to say we have The Right Blend for everyone. Whether you’re visiting us for a weekend, looking to plant some roots, or working on your business dream, Liberty welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

Visit Liberty County today!