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Welcome to Liberty County – one of the most progressive and fastest-growing counties in Georgia. The Southern hospitality starts flowing the minute you cross the Liberty County line. As a newcomer to the County, you will find friendly people who will invite you to take an active part in the life of our peaceful, historical community. Your children will find schools that are prepared for many new students each year and they will find classmates that quickly turn newcomers into friends.

Our blend of history and culture has been well preserved so that future generations can appreciate our roots. Our rich past has deeply influenced how our area has evolved since its founding more than 200 years ago.

Located on Georgia’s coast, Liberty County invites you to share in the natural beauty of our waterways – a resource we are very proud of. Residents and businesses enjoy the easy proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, and many municipalities along the east coast which seem closer than ever with our Midcoast Regional Airport.

We are also proud of our local government and military presence. As the home of Fort Stewart, the largest military installation east of the Mississippi River, Liberty County’s population is likely the most diverse in South Georgia. You will find all walks of life in Liberty County, including many different cultures. We plan to keep pace with growth and development and promote our priceless historical heritage.

Today, we offer exceptional recreation on land and water, excellent public and private schools and outstanding health care services. Rich in history and heritage, Liberty County hails some of the nations renowned forefathers and remains a place in which history comes alive.

If you have moved here or are moving here, welcome home; if you are here for a brief stay, we hope you like it so much, that you will want to make it your new home.